Clarence Thomas is coming to my school Monday

What should I ask him? I asked Scalia a question last year when he came to speak. It was strange, almost no one wanted to raise their hands. I don’t know if they were intimidated by Scalia himself or just of looking stupid in front of a Supreme Court Justice.
Naturally Scalia compleletely ignored what I asked and went off on his own tangent but what can you do?

So what should I ask Thomas? And no, there will be no questions coming from my mouth that include the words “Scalia” “lips” and “ass” so you can just cut those suggestions out right now. :slight_smile:

“How did you get it to stick to the can?”

Well…it’s a question…

I ain’t asking it, but it’s a question…

Kudos, Mama.

If you want a good long answer, ask him something about First Princples of the Constitution. Since he bases most of his rulings on this idea. Perhaps a question along the lines of, “How do you feel about the interpretation of the Constitution as a living document, and what directions do you see these interpretations taking in the future?”

I wouldn’t cross the street to see Clarence Thomas. His job is just to give Scalia two votes.

Ask him which news publications and opinion journals he reads (other than the really arcane judicial stuff) and what he thinks of them.

I don’t know; I guess you could ask him if we should start hanging children for stealing bread as they did a few hundred years ago in England.

The only thing sicker than Clarence Thomas is the thinking that got him on the court in the first place. You may recall that he replaced Thurgood Marshall, a distinguished jurist (NAACP lawyer who argued Brown vs. Board of Education before the Supreme Court). The Republicans played this sick joke by appointing Thomas to what was widely considered the “Black” seat on the court. The same kind of sick thinking had gotten him appointed to head the Civil Rights Commission, if I recall correctly. He proceeded to attempt to sabotage enforcement of the civil rights laws. One sick puppy, this one.

Make him feel at home–decorate the hall with panties.

Used panties.

I’m with tpayne. There’s no point in going unless you’re going to harass him.

Go, but turn your back to him.

Or ask if the precedents he considered when casting his vote in Bush v. Gore included the civil rights cases that produced the “one man, one vote” principle, and why he thinks it was “necessary” (his word) for the Supreme Court to even consider the case (Hint: It wasn’t, legally - they never have to hear an appeal).

Treat him as you would any other man who had malicious lies spread about him for political purposes.


Ask him if he is in favor of extending the amount of time that copyright protection lasts, and why he holds that opinion.