Clarification from Moderators, Please

I just need a bit of clarification on an acceptable response in a Gret Debates thread.

If, hypothetically, one poster performed a rite of exorcism on another poster, would that be outside of Great Debate guidelines? I believe I came up short of actually accusing XXX19 of being a tool of Satan, but if you find it beyond the pale please delete the post.

I apologize, but I do not know how to link to a thread or a post.

Thank you.

While we wait for the mods to weigh in on current exorcism policy, a link to the thread in question is here.


may be,” which was edited from “is” after a moment’s consideration. I realized it would be impolite , and difficult to support, to directly claim a given person is a tool of Satan, although I felt I should let my suspicions be known.

I think I’m OK with it. Even if I wasn’t, I’d make a mod note and I wouldn’t delete the post.

How is that not an insult? Was it obviously said in jest?

I took it to be said in jest. XXX19 previously said that some people in the thread were Satanists.

Because I am mirthful and full of jests. It’s all in the tone of voice used – the humor lies in the reductio ab absurdo of taking XXX19’s posts to the (il)logical conclusion.
The counter to a “You’re all Satanists!” accusation is a reply of “No, YOU are” in a pseduo-authoratitive response.

I hate explaining jokes, it takes away the spontanaeity. (and ability to spell)

If, hypothetically, I had expressed my opposition to christianity, and a christian called me a tool of satan, they would be correct according to their beliefs, and by the literal meaning of “satan”, that is “opposer”.

I’ve not read the thread in question, and somewhat doubt this is what actually happened, but in that circumstance it wouldn’t be an insult.

The posts in question:

Somewhat closer to my hypothetical than I expected…

So, the correct response to the OP is: OK, if done in jest. Not OK, if serious.


In another thread I might treat it more seriously. The thread we’re discussing is pretty bizarre, and while the basic rules apply as always, I’m not going to take the strictest possible interpretations and note someone for a joke exorcism. If it was disrupting a more serious discussion, yes, I might give a mod note.

And besides, it didn’t work.

If someone can call me Newt and get away with it, then I think ‘tool of Satan’ is legit.
*edit: Or an arm of the right wing Orthodox Zionist parties in Israel, or a tool of [insert political party here], or anything indicating that a person’s beliefs is an extension of a disliked group and they are evil or can’t think for themselves.

Yes, but everyone knows that with the former, you get better, with the latter, you get made into South Park fodder.

I was just trying to drive the demon of ignorance out of the participant, not to make the poster entirely disappear. If the scales dropped even a little from XXX19’s eyes, then I may start attending Mass regularly again.

But you’re right, it hasn’t worked yet.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Yes Rev, I admit to my areas of ignorance.

Do you know how to post links to other websites? I’m sorry but not knowing how to post a link(especially after a decade long membership) and claiming to want to “drive the ignorance out” is like not knowing which end of a hammer to use and claiming to be a carpenter.

For future reference, if you click the number by the report this post button, it will open the single post in a new window and you can use that url as your link.