Classic Rock Fatigue: Songs You Think Are Good But Can't Stand Hearing Anymore Anyway

I’ve been thinking about doing this thread for awhile, but the “Songs I never need to hear again” thread in IMHO made me decide it was time.

There are, after all, a lot of reasons you might not want to hear a song again. They could simply be bad songs. Or they could be associated in your mind with crappy times, or a love that failed.

This thread is about songs that:

  1. you used to enjoy listening to,
  2. you still regard as good songs, but
  3. you change the station when they come on the radio because you’ve finally heard them too damn many times for one lifetime.

I called the thread “Classic Rock Fatigue” because classic rock stations are where most of us are likely to encounter such songs.

For me, the phenomenon seems to be gradually working its way forward in time, though at different speeds with different artists. For the most part, the wave seems to have reached the early to mid 1970s, where the most-played songs on Who’s Next such as “Bargain,” “Behind Blue Eyes,” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” have finally hit the wall. (And Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” got there years ago.)

But even the occasional early-1980s song has finally gotten too many repetitions: the other day, when “Synchronicity II” (‘many miles away’) came on the radio, I hit the button for another station without a thought: no more “trapped like lemmings into shiny metal boxes” for me, thanks.

As the linked thread indicates, I’m not the only one who is ready to stop hearing certain songs, not because they’re bad, but because no matter how good I still believe they are, they’ve finally been played to death, AFAIAC.

So if this is happening to you too, please share.

American Pie
Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
Jack and Diane
Highway to Hell
Evil Woman

Proud Mary

So, so many. I think I like the CD’s I’ve held onto over the years because I can pull one out, get the “hit” off the music just by looking at it and flipping it over, and put it back.
Nirvana’s Nevermind is an entire CD I never need to hear again, for example.

Too many for me to list. Depending on my mood, all of them. I thought I was just getting old. It’s a challenge for me to listen to the radio, as I’m sick of all the old good songs, and haven’t learned to appreciate too many new ones.

In my case, the fatigue is less from having listened to the songs too many times on the radio than it is from having heard too many drunks caterwaul their way through them. I worked as a karaoke host for a time to help pay my 1st wife’s educational expenses. There are lots of songs that don’t qualify as classic rock that I hate even more. “Margaritaville,” for example, makes me want to stab people. So does “Candle in the Wind.” I would rather nuke a random continent all the way down to the bedrock than hear “Family Tradition” again.

I was noticing this morning that although I have satellite radio, with eight or nine stations I specially selected for my particular tastes, I still drive along changing the channel every few seconds. Theoretically there are still songs I want to listen to, but in reality I’m bored with most everything.

When I’m with my husband, we listen to classic rock because it’s the only thing we sort of agree on, but seriously, Creedence, the Steve Miller Band, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, the Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, et cetera…it’s all in a category I think of as “chewed gum”.

I think of ‘some’ of them as the B-list. Gordon Lightfoot, Lynard Skynard, Supertramp, Wings, Boston, Rush, Olivia Newton John, Aerosmith. Bands that fill up stadiums with enthusiastic male fans. Most bands from the 70’s. I have my favorites that can do no wrong, though the same songs are played over and over and over and over. There are IMO so many bands on a bell curve, and the vast majority are mostly filler, causing me to push that button on the radio.

I’m in complete agreement here. I pretty much stopped listening to music many years ago.

Procrustus nailed it: “sick of all the old good songs, and haven’t learned to appreciate too many new ones.” I don’t even want to be bothered learning new ones.

Every so often something like “Woman from Tokyo” or “Echos” or “Moving to Montana” or some rarely played song is on as I flip around, but I settle on talk radio 99% of the time and have for about a dozen or so years now.

Anything from The Steve Miller Band album, Fly Like an Eagle.

Also, just about anything by Pink Floyd. The only way I can listen to Dark Side of the Moon is to listen to the Flaming Lips’ version of the same album. Because that one’s not completely stale and tired out.

My brother used to crack me up by pretending to be dead (from boredom) whenever Stairway to Heaven came on. He could lie around with his mouth open and eyes bugging out for a surprisingly long time.

Actually this is a pretty good likeness! :eek:

Nearly every song named so far. Anything by Boston, Aerosmith, Def Leppard or Styx will have me changing the station or muting.

All of them for me. I was trying to explain this dislike of mine to someone just the other day. I think all of the classic stuff just makes me feel old. Thankfully, I do like a lot of new stuff.