Clean up after yourselves, you stupid cow pigs. (smoking)

Our office is up on an open floor which we share with a salon. The salon employees and owner are fantastic, lovely people who give me hair products at discounts- how could I not like them? Even without the discounts I’d still like them. Their clients, on the other hand, need to be harpooned by a 100000 hate rays of smite. Oh, and destruction. Yes, smite AND destruction.

Our front door is a ways from the salon- a couple hundred feet at least and around a corner. Yet, all of the women from the salon will waddle over here on their cell phones yak yak yaking about who they fucked last night and how his dick was small but you know, it wasn’t all that bad. Oh except his cum tasted a little funny. Of course, it was really sweet of him to fuck her while she was on her period and hadn’t shaved her puss, as most men wouldn’t in such situations. Did I mention these lovely convos are carried on in front of our open office door? Hell, the women will turn and look at me through the window while carrying on about their nasty sexcapades. I’m sure the IRS agent I’m on the phone with loves to hear about the hairy, bloody twat poundings of a woman as much as I do, so I suppose that’s all forgivable, right?

What gets me is the smoking. These women will toddle over with their capes on and foils and/or perming rods in their hair, light up, and smoke right in front of our open door. I hate smoke, I do- it makes me feel all icky and just the smell grosses me out. That said, smoke all ya want, just be courteous. Tis all I ask. Smoking while standing directly in front of our open door while there is like, 300 feet of platform does not equal being courteous, ladies.

In that same regard, we have a bench in front of the office where a lot of the salon girls come out and sit. This is a bench we bought and set out there. Sometimes they get bleach or dye on it, but that’s not the end of the world. Sometimes they smoke on it, also not the end of the world. What is horrible is when they throw their stupid butts ALL OVER THE GROUND and then we get a letter from the building owner saying we need to clean up after our smokers. After that we talked to the salon owner and she set up a lovely sitting area right outside the salon. Did that stop the dumb, ill-mannered women? Of course not.

Now the women still come over here, but they found a place to put out their butts- our plants. Our planters are FULL of nasty cigg butts, yet no one in this office smokes.

What takes the cake is what I witnessed about an hour ago. A woman from the salon waddled over, perming rods firmly in place. I thought she was just walking over to sit on our bench and smoke, but then I saw her do something that made my blood pressure rise- she put her cigg out in our plant. Now, she wasn’t sitting here and just happened to lean over- oh no. She walked over here JUST to put her cancer stick out in our plant and then walked off.

Dumb bitch, there’s a fucking TRASH CAN and ASH TRAY 20 feet away from the salon. Hell, YOU PASSED IT TO GET TO OUR OFFICE. What the hell is wrong with you? Bah.

I truly believe that more and more businesses are going smoke free, not from the stench, but from the lazy assholes who can’t walk three feet to an ashtray. I am a smoker and I can not tell you how often I’ve told people off at work when they put their butts out on the ground. I work at a college so there are plenty of ashtrays everywhere outdoors. Because these fucks can’t be bothered to put their trash where it belongs the administrators are thinking about going smoke free.If you want to be an inconsiderate fuck head, do it in your own back yard.What a pack of butt-munches

“What a pack of butt-munches”

Well, actually, if they were munching butts this might not be an issue. :wink:

This is indoors, right? How is it they’re allowed to smoke in a public indoor space? I thought every place you go, it was illegal now.

But…but…it’s a cigarette butt. It’s not actual, you know, trash.

Idon’t know why so many smokers seem to think that the butts they throw on the ground somehow don’t qualify as litter. Is the selfishness genetic, or do they inhale it with the smoke?

Can you put up ‘no smoking’ signs in the area your business rents?

Inconsiderate smokers like that piss me off to no end. I’ve been working on breaking my SO of that sort of thing and it seems to be finally starting to do a little good.

It’s outdoors. Think like an outdoor shopping center, but we are up on the second floor so there is once entrance - stairs- and any other open area is gated so you don’t fall over the edge to your doom.

And really any “no smoking” decisions would be made by the owner of the center. There are several restaurants down stairs, including a bar, so I doubt they want to force that particular issue.

I’m thinking I can just run out their with a machate or something evertime someone goes near my plants.

Wow. Just wow.


once- one

their- there

everytime- every time.

One mistake I can let go, but three? Aye.

If I tell you it was actually five, would that be enough to push you into a berserk machete rampage? Because I’m all for it.

Oh jumping Jesus. You’re right. Next time I’ m previewing my preview of my original post. Also, I’m most certainly not typing such a post while answering phones ever again. Curses.

My hospital tried to go completely “smoke-free” about 5 years ago, but that just resulted in people going to their cars to light up, and the worse their habit was, the more often they’d be gone.

It wasn’t fair to the non-smokers who only got their 2 ten-minute breaks and their 30 minutes for lunch, and we had one nurse who even had to excuse himself from a code to go outside and light up.

Well the rules got “changed” (the “Non-Smoking Campus” signs are still up) to allow smokers to go out back of the hospital, but they are now asked to go to a “butt-hut”, a gazebo outfitted with one of those long-neck “ash-receptacles” (don’t know what they’re called, but they look kinda like a bong), and that has helped with the littering and some of the smell.

Perhaps this receptacle might be a consideration in your case and the hair salon folks might be persuaded to get one?

We still have the problem of those smoke breaks, and their “inequality”, but we are a small hospital, and these things tend not to get discussed. I think it would be a different story if a union were involved, but who knows?


Actually- funny enough- what you describe is sitting right outside the salon. There is also a traditional “ash tray,” as well as a trash can.

I smoke a cigar occasionaly, but like all other dopers here, I never do it around other people. :slight_smile:

True in my case as I’ll just step outside on our private deck at home and have a puff or too.

In your case DiosaBellissima I would consider a nice rubber snake in the bottom of the planter ('till the lawsuites started).

You could maybe hang his head over the edge with a sign in his mouth saying that “My home Is NOT an ashtray”.

Could be fun.


I’m usually the first to jump to the defense of other smokers, but, wow. There is just no excuse for that kind of behavior. If there is an ashtray and a bench in front of the salon, what the hell are they walking down to your office for, anyway?

One or two you could just dismiss as random jerks, but so many, maybe the salon is spiking the perm solution with stupidserum or something.

Maybe I’ve just been playing Guild Wars too much lately, but I’m all for that machete idea. Maybe even a few flame traps for good measure (fight smoke with fire ;))

I would also think it would be incredibly dangerous to smoke with perming solution and foils in one’s hair-that stuff’s flammable, isn’t it?


Well, that’s actually my first thought whenever I see that. I know I’m a walking ball of flammability when I’m getting my hair done- what with the cloud of chemical stink following me around. I mean, I suppose it would be pretty hard to light yourself on fire with a regular cigg, but what about when you light it?

If I blow up because one of those dumb twats, I’m so going to pit them. Once my skin gets replaced, that is.

I just want to be angry and pit something, but not start my own thread, and this is very related. I smoke cigars. I always have smoked, and I cut back a lot when I moved in with Mrs. Small. I know she doesn’t like it, so I save my cigar smoking for work, when I’m driving by myself to somewhere, or when I’m on near campus for the evening for some alcohol drinking with friends.

I do not care that my upstairs neighbors smoke in the house. This house is very well ventilated and we have yet to smell the smoke like we have in other apartments from neighbors. Our old place was ventilated so that the vents in both were connected through the walls in the laundry room, and you could even see smoke come through. That doesn’t happen here. What does happen, when both people who live upstairs are home, is that they smoke on the porch. This doesn’t bother me either.

When we first moved in, they kept a tea bottle outside and kept putting the butts in it, that way there was no mess. Yeah, it was nasty that there was a tea bottle full of butts on our porch, but I could deal with it. Yesterday, I went to my car and noticed that there are cigarette butts all along our driveway and into the back yard. They are also littered in the front yard. Most of all, I am pissed because the stupid fuckwits that litter them will put them out on the porch, then toss them into the bush in front of it. I hate my neighbors sometimes…


Are you sure you want them to toss the butts into the trash can? While attending the Advanced Firefighting course at Treasure Island some years ago, a friend and I witnessed a young Sailor who was attending the basic FF course (as part of his DC Class “A” school) do something incredibly stupid: he tossed his lit butt into the trash can. Then he said to us, “I bet you guys will be happy to see me when I get to the ship. After all, you need someone who really knows damage control to keep you safe.”

My friend waited a moment and then replied, “Maybe not. After all, we don’t need anyone else to start fires. Now how about putting out the fire you just started in the trash can.” Yes, there were flames coming from the trash can.

Over here, smoking is everywhere. It strikes me as the most selfish habit. Smokers in Korea have exactly zero consideration for anyone else at all. They light up wherever they happen to be. The no smoking signs are, apparently, just another excuse for a painter to have a job. The only place I’ve been here where I haven’t seen cigarette litter all over the ground is the LDS Temple in Seoul. Hey, my school is supposedly a no smoking building. Yet, there is plenty of cigarette litter in the parking garage.

Well, they are certainly welcome to use either of the two ash trays right next to the trash can. If they were to use the trash can, I’d hope they’d have the common sense to only put not hot things in there. Then again, look who I’m dealin’ with.