cleaning marker off

What is the best cleaner to get permanent marker off of walls (comet helped a little) and refridgerator and cupboards? Comet doesn’t help that at all.

This stuff, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, has cleaned most of the surprise artwork our kids have left us. We’ve also had success with nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol on most stains before discovering this stuff. If you have to use water use cold water. I’ve found that works the best for whatever reason.

I know this works with white boards, but I can’t tell you how it will do elsewhere.

Anyway, when someone mistakes a permanent ink marker for a dry-erase marker on a white board, take a dry-erase marker, trace over the markings and erase.

I would strongly suggest avoiding Comet on walls or any painted surface. It is very abrasive and I am surprised you didn’t take the paint off the wall.

I have had very good luck with acetone for removing permanent marker, although it can also damage certain surfaces so you have to be very careful. I used it, for example, to remove all trace of permanent marker from the bill of my son’s baseball cap without affecting the dye in the cap. I use full strength acetone that I got at the hardware store but a more dilute version in the form of fingernail polish remover usually works well for most things.

Mr. Clean Magic Erase also works well but will turn a glossy surface flat. I have asked my wife not to use it on our door trim since it’s a semi-gloss paint.

I have used Goo Be Gone and it works like magic to get off marker stains.

A second vote for acetone. It will definitely remove permanent marker, but test it on an inconspicuous area of the surface first. Be extra careful on the cupboards as it might react with the finish, especially if it is stained wood.

It worked, but the fridge and walls are purplish.
It took some of the paint off the cupboard.

Try the manufacturer’s website. They often have specific remedies for specific problems.

My kids once drew in crayon on my new carpet in my house that was up for sale. Crayola told me how to get it out! Yay!

I guess this is too late, but rubbing alcohol tends to be safer than acetone (e.g. it won’t dissolve most plastics), and works just as well for cleaning off permanent markers.

I use Sharpies on a daily basis for work. 100% Isopropyl Acohol cleans off any recently made writing that has not soaked into the surface Acetone gets rid of the old stuff, but it may slightly melt any paint, allowing the ink to mix and blend into the surface.