Cleaning out my purse

I usually do this at some unknowing restaurant when I’m bored, But after eating Chinese food, work seems like the place to do it. I can’t beleive the crap I ave in there. Right now I"m sorting through my uisness cards deciding which ones to keep. I know I need to keep the hair salon card. (I just got my hair done yesterday and it has a strange orangy hue to it). I gotta keep my doc’s card and my insurance agents card. But should I keep my high school tuba instructors card? I’ve had it for 5 years now… I definitly need to keep my corprate contacts card for my workplace. But should I put away the maxed out credit cards that I haven’t been able to use in a year? I need my company contacts card too. What about my husbands medical card fromhis old insurance? He hasn’t received his new card with his new insurance yet. I even have an old library card that has a 50 dollar fine against it. I have my UCD ID as well. And do I really need a Goodings Supermarket card? They just got bought out by Winn Dixie for goodness sake. And I just realized I haven’t signed my SSN card yet. Dammit!


Mom’s business card from her old job at a company that no longer exists … two more business cards from guys I used to date … another from my old boss at another company that probably crashed and burned long ago … a former co-worker’s card from her night job as a massage therapist … one from a friend I haven’t seen in ages … and one from a record store that I haven’t been to in a year. All obviously very important. What if I decide to collect vintage business cards someday?

Ticket stub from the now defunct Williamsburg Theatre. Can’t throw THAT away – it would be like trampling on my college memories.

Ooh, and here’s something really valuable – an unused British Railways ticket from Gatwick Airport to Manchester, dated 13 July 00. Why, it’ll be good again when I’m only 124 years old!

Elsewhere in the purse, I have a small tube of Balloons-in-a-Tube, a lipstick I’ve used exactly twice in over a year, and a condom so ancient it would probably disintegrate if it were ever put to use.

Time to clean it out? Nah. I think it’s crossed the line between junk and history.

I think it’s time for Clog Boy to hit the ClogBed. I thought the thread title read “Cleaning out my nurse”!!

Talk about disturbing. Oh well. G’night, y’all, and behave while I’m catching my z’s :smiley:

Don’t you people have anything interesting? I have mini glowsticks along with other stuff.