Cleaning scale from a warm-vapor humidifier?

I have a small warm-vapor humidifier, and really failed to keep it clean over the past winter season. Now I’m trying to … see the title.

Mfgr. says soak parts in vinegar, rinse, etc. This doesn’t seem to be doing much, if anything.

Can I use something like CLR to bust up the scale? Or will I just be ruining my humidifier beyond ALL fixing?

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

Me, again.

Have I already just totally destroyed this humidifier? Should I plan on chucking it and just buying another one next winter? :eek: :rolleyes: :mad:

And how about that stuff that you’re supposed to use, to clean out coffee carafes and Mr Coffee type equipment? Would that work?

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dilute the vinegar. let it soak the parts for awhile.

Thanks to all for replying! Sorry to be a pest.

Soak the parts in CLR over night or longer.
If possible, put them in a zip-lock bag & squeeze out the air.
If possible, put them in an air-tight container - a cooler works. Not needed if the parts are in zip-bags.
Pour off the CLR into a large bowl or dishpan.
Scrub the parts as you are able.
Re-add the CLR and repeat.
While it’s soaking, get a water filter for your vaporizor.

Coca Cola.