Cleaning stove burner grills

We have grease built up over months on the stove grills, which have a lot of surface area, and rippled paint from the heat. Aside from a wire brush, which would take off the paint, what’s the fastest way to get this off? I’ve thought of soaking it in a lye solution, or ammonia solution to chew on the grease.

Dishwasher. Mix a bit of TSP into the powder detergent.

Works like a charm.

Not clear on what part of the stove you are talking about.

What kind of stove is it? Electric element, gas, or glass radiant?

Since electric element is the most common, I would assume you are talking about either the burner element itself or the removable silver or black drip pans underneath the burner element. The pans are the most common to get filthy as they catch the spills, etc.

If so, just buy new ones. They are really pretty cheap vs. the time and effort to try and get those darn things clean after tons of build-up. You can replace all four of them for about $15-20.

I’m thinking it’s a gas stove, and it’s the heavy iron thing that holds the pan over the burner.

I don’t know the concentration my wife used, but an overnight soak in Oxyclean worked wonders.


Where the heck are you finding TSP? The only stuff I can find doesn’t have phosphate in it, so it doesn’t work nearly as well.

I’ve had professional cleaners who would put the burner thingies in a black plastic garbage bag with some ammonia, and let it sit in the sun all day. Apparently the combination of ammonia plus heat will help strip the grease off.