Cleaning your droid phone's caches, DOES spread it up.

I finally got around to cleaning my droid’s cache. You have to Google the phone’s brand for instructions. Basically, you power off, then press vol down & power to get in diagnostic mode, then select clear cache.

My phone is so much faster. Pages load quicker in Chrome. Even typing is faster and more responsive.

It’s definitely worth the ten minutes to do it

Well, I see autocorrect managed to screw up my thread title. Sneaky bastard changed speeded to spread. Thank you so much autocorrect. You worthless POS.

Anyhow, clear your droid cache. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Thanks for the tip!

My phone had updated from Lollipop to Marshmallow in Feb. I’m sure that update left a lot of temp files in my cache.

I’m amazed at how much faster Apps open.

I also went into Chrome’s Settings, Privacy and cleared browsing data.

I’ll probably get the Nougat update in the next few months. Whenever AT&T makes it available. I’ll clear the cache again after that update.

Where is his cache and how do I clean it?:confused:


Also, always, always turn off autocorrect :wink:

You can also clear the cache without restarting, by going into Settings -> Storage -> Cache.

Next, you can Google “how to turn off autocorrect” so you can’t blame it for your typos.

I doubt they’ll update it to Nougat. The newest OS is Android 8.0, or Oreo.