Mozilla users: ever have a problem with the cache not clearing?

I’ve been using Mozilla for several months now (I’m using v1.7.1 right now). Today, I cleared out the cache (Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Cache).

Or so I thought.

When I started to type in a url, a list of previously accessed urls starting with the same letter popped up! I cleared the cache again and even rebooted, but the typed urls were still there. I found a utility simiar to Window Washer, but geared towards Mozilla and Opera (which I also use).

Has anybody else had this problem?

You want to clear history, not the file cache. I’m using Mozilla Firefox, not Mozilla right now, and I can’t remember the differences, but Firefox has a separate button to clear histroy and flil cache (as does IE, for that matter).

I cleared the History file and the Location Bar. I have the Cookie Manager set to erase all cookies upon browser shutdown.

I recently upgraded to 1.7.1 from 1.6. I did uninstall 1.6 before installing 1.7.1.