Cleanup needs your help

Does anyone know of a simple composition program where you can compose your own music on a staff, and play it back, and print it? Specifically, I’m looking for alto sax/trumpet.

Cleanup needs your immediate help.

This looks pretty neat. Not a bad price, either.

Thanks! I’m downloading the demo version.

Hmm. InstallShield seems to be intent on not letting me install this thing…

Any other programs/downloads?

Hmmm…I wonder why not? Well, let me see what else I can dig up.

There’s a lot of good stuff here. And this one looks particularly promising.

God, I used to have a really cool program for this. But I forget what it was called, and it was on an old computer. It was quite pricey though, a friend, um, gave me a copy of it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Anyway, it was neat, you could compose as many parts as you want, and play them together or seperately. I don’t think you could find something that nice as shareware.

I use a little program called MusicWrite+. There’s a cheap version, which allows you to write music and play it back using a variety of instruments, including alto sax and trumpet. It’s got some annoyances, which I assume the more expensive version doesn’t have. I have the cheap version, and it’s worth the price.



I downloaded that… demo version. Kept crashing.

I’ll try the GenieSoft Score Writer, and get back to you later. Thanks, Q.E.D.!

Damn. Download doesn’t work. This is angering me… lemme go ferret around feverently.

Music Works Personal works great… only thing is… I can’t change it to Alto… only Piano. :mad:

But I think this’ll work…