Clear (see through) shellcase / barrel

Is it possible to manufacture a clear shellcase for the purpose of a slowmotion capture of the ignition? Maybe you’ve seen some video’s like the slowmo guys on youtube.
I’ve looked and found that pressures can reach 45k psi or 3k bar, but I’m not sure if that is only for the barrel. I would imagine the pressure inside the shell to be equal if not higher.

Or what about the barrel? Can you make a see through barrel of high performance plastic/polymer? Maybe with reduced projectile charge? Just a 1 time fire? Still be a nice vid to see a clear barrel get shattered by a fired projectile.

Couldn’t someone just use x-rays or something like that to look through a steel barrel and chamber and brass cartridge case?

You wouldn’t get a very interesting video that way.

The problem with glass would be shattering. The problem with plastic is the inside would get scuffed, so you only get one cool video. You might have some luck if you went very low powder.

There’s this paper - Studying the Internal Ballistics of a Combustion Driven Potato Cannon using High-speed Video; where they used clear PVC to film it. Agreed, there’s no real gunpowder involved, but it comes close to what you are looking for - right ?

The peak pressures are a wee bit different. Neat paper. The highest pressure mentioned in the linked paper was ~602 kPA, which is about 87 PSI. Firearms’ chamber pressures are around 250 to 750 times that.

I wonder if you could use an artificial sapphire window set into the case and or chamber, in order to obtain the imagery?

EDIT: Here’s a better link from SAAMI for the pressure data (.pdf)

Pressure wise I guess it can’t go much higher with PVC, but I’m looking for the opportunity to record a strikercap igniting the gunpowder. Was hoping to catch some flames before the interiour turns black. Would be nice to catch part of the acceleration too.

But the real trouble would be a custom tigger mechanism with a clear view of the case. Combined with the clear barrel and real possibillity that the whole setup is one shot only, I doubt I could pull it of. Even if it doesn’t shatter the inside barrel will turn black making a second take impossible.

Transparent aluminium.