Cleveland Show blurs out bumper sticker?

Rerun of the Cleveland Show last night, in which Cleveland thinks his neighbor Holt has killed his mother…

In one scene, Holt puts a rolled up rug in his trunk, and when he closes it you can see a bumper sticker on the back, but its content is blurred out. I vaguely remembered it not being blurred when it was first aired.

But later in the show they specifically refer to his “McCain/Palin bumper sticker.”


Maybe the first sticker was a picture of Muhammed.

Could it be a rights/copyright thing? Like how old reruns of *WKRP *can mention The Rolling Stones all they want, but you won’t hear a Stones tune in the soundtrack because the rights to the music is expired.

Heh, I clearly saw a McCain/Palin bumper sticker.

Refer to and show it on the screen.

So I agree, the earlier blurring seems really weird.

I missed the first airing, but apparently it was blurred then, too: I googled up someone asking about the blurring back in February. Weird.

Doubful. Modern TV shows make sure to get the rights on all media platforms to avoid situtations that oldler (pre-DVD) shows run into.

I just looked at it again. Last night I wasn’t actually watching the screen when I heard him say “the McCain/Palin sticker” so I didn’t see it before, but yep, there it is, clear as day. And just to make sure I’m not crazy, I checked the earlier scene and it was definitely blurred.

How bizarre.

Is it possible it was blurred because it originally wasn’t as innocuous as a McCain/Palin sticker? And when they rewrote it, they didn’t want to have to redo the other part of the animation?