Click Here For Naked Britney Spears Pix!!

I was surfing the other day at a… er… financial services site… Yeah, that it! and purely by accident my mouse went out of control, and I clicked on a crazy link (by accident, of course.)

I got this advertising banner “Click here for naked Britney Spears pix!”

It just so happened that I have a …um… friend who would be very interested in seeing these pictures, and I thought "Naked Britney Spears Pictures, well that just might be interesting (from a purely scientifc viewpoint of course)

Anyway I clicked…

…and entered Hell!

I got another site, which assureed me that the pix were just a click away, so I clicked again, and again, and again.

Suddenly I had fallen into the Britney Sprears trap. The internet took control of my computer. All these boxes kept coming up, and it was like I was fighting the Hydra. Foir every box I turned off, three more came up. No Britney though, not even a boob.

Of course at that moment, my wife started to come down the stairs. Clicking like mad, I still couldn’t get rid of all the bodacious boxes popping up private parts all over my screen!

As a last resort, I clicked the power off on the computer, and sat there red-faced in front of a blank screen as my wife entered the room.

“What are you doing”

“Ummm. Nothing? Just getting ready to come to bed.”

It was very close.


Are there actually any pictures of Britney Spears naked out there? (My friend really needs to know for this science experiment he’s been planning?)

Is it all just a fake out to lure me into this trap?

What’s with the hostile takeover of my computer?

How did they do that?

Is there anyway to stop it?

Could it happen at any time?

How do I defend?

Was what they were doing even legal?

Are they actually any naked pictures of Britney Spears?

I don’t know about the content you’re looking for, but those popup windows are a javascript thing. Turn off javascript before surfing those… financial sites.

I once wrote a simple crash-your-computer page. It used javascript to open 3 copies of itself. Of course, each of those opened 3 copies…
God, that was fun to send to someone via email.

:::making a mental note not to open any mail from TheNerd:::

As long as there’s a Ctrl and a W, free men may browse.

Your deep sea diving suit is ready, me brave lad.

I’m going to pass on the discussion of HTML commands and address instead the issue of whether there are nude pictures of Britney Spears available on the web. The short answer is “no.”

For a more detailed answer, you might want to check out The Case Files of the Fake Detective at .
In his own way, the Fake Detective can be compared with Cecil himself. While admittedly his scope is more narrowly focused, he also is a fighter agianst ignorance and untruth. In particular, he investigates fake celebrity nude pictures and in most cases he is able to prove their falsehood by finding and posting the original pictures they were faked from.

There are no REAL nude photos of Miss Spears.
However, there are fakes of her. This is where someone has doctured a picture of a naked woman with a similar body to B.S. So they basically cut britney’s face out of a non nude photo and slap it on someone else. They’re getting pretty good at it too. Here is a link to some Spears fakes. [[must be 18, or the FBI will track you down and send you to jail for life!]]

(Active link to commercial website deleted - Nickrz)

Happy to not be a virgin!
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Dammit, Trove, that is the LAST time I push buttons that you name.


You can’t accidently create a handicapped baby whilst smoking pot.

Spot on! I used to have this problem until I read some similar advice. Now, I go to the “preferences” option of my browser and disable javascript. The added advantage is that you get a different-looking URL flash across the status bar when you run your cursor over a javascript-type link. Very handy if you use this method to avoid being flipped out into la-la land.

Knock softly but firmly, 'cause I like soft firm knockers…

On the other hand, a lot of good sites use a lot of javascript, and disabling it can cause you problems.

There are other techniques to do similar things. The latest generation of browsers expose a lot of objects to a web page, and can be manipulated pretty extensively. DHTML can do some pretty cool things, not all of which the boys in the W3C intended.

The latest trojan web pages completely remove all the toolbars, menus and such from the explorer window if you’re using IE. Thus, there is no way to leave the page, and no way to close your browser other than by killing the process using the Windows Task Manager.

Don’t despair, dhanson - those “full screen” pop-ups can be exited using CTRL-W (take a look at the IE help file for shortcut keys).

Some background to porn site traps, from a 1997 article in Salon Magazine (Pornutopia Lost):

Crusoe Takes A Trip

I understand about opening multiple windows but how can they open new ones whenever you close one?

I’m no programming expert, but in my (very) limited experience with event-driven languages (i.e. “do this when the user hits this button”), there’s usually a “close” event.

In that case, it’s just a matter of adding a bit of code that says, “when the user clicks the close button, open a copy of the window”.

The easiest way around it is to never stick to the back button; if you use IE, always use the little black arrow next to get your list of pages visited, and then use that to move back to the previous page.

Incidentally, the nastiest version of this (which I fell prey to yesterday) is a deliberately malicious script that simply opens window after window after window (all blank pop-ups) faster than you can close them until your browser, operating system and PC crash. If I ever meet the little f***** that sent me that URL I’ll scoop his eyes out, put a candle in his mouth and pretend it’s Halloween.

Crusoe Takes A Trip

Sometimes if I click REALLY fast, the windows disappear. But I mean I have to hit every close button precisely, or else two more windows pop up in the time it takes me to hit it again. I hate that shit.

That’s because Javascript is a script language, and if you’re fast enough on the close box you may get it before all the script has loaded and executed.

As Microsoft and Netscape continue adding more and more features to their browsers, this will get worse, IMO. IE5.01 can almost be considered its own development environment. Web pages can do amazingly complex things, but that always opens the door to someone taking advantage of it.

For instance, Javascript is recursive. This is nice for adding complex code, but it allows you to do something like this:

function eatresources(memhog) {
var memhoglocal;


This happy little program will call itself over and over again, each time pushing the contents of memhoglocal and a bunch of housekeeping data on the stack. Since it never exits, it’ll keep on doing it until it runs out of stack space. At which point you’ll either get an exception and kill the program, or you’ll get a clean exit if there is some error checking code. Internet Explorer is pretty good about bounds checking and will just give you a javascript error, and Windows NT won’t let one protected application kill another, but if you’re running some funky stuff like a copy of Mosaic or a WebTV browser you could be in trouble.

IF you hit escape, it will stop the page from loading. IF you keep hitting it really fast, you can usually stop the infinite number of pop-ups.

Why the hell would any business deliberately swamp it’s customers? I have found sites where, after opening about 40 screans never even saw anything that would offend a minister. Do they think that this is going to make me want to give them my credit card number?

I know, I know, they got me to look at a lot of ads in the process and “eyeballs” are worth something. But I am not going to buy their product.

I promised myself that I would click and go look at the fake naked pictures of young Miss Britney. As soon as I was finished with work I came right back here and found:

The link has been edited away.

Boy, that’ll teach me to never put work first again.


There’s a good way to stop popups (javascript opening new windows) while leaving javascript on. It’s called WebWasher, by Siemens (the big German company). I say this so you can find it even if the list I post gets moderated away. It’s perfectly free for non-business use, or as evaluation, and is a WONDERFUL program.

It’s very easy to use, and should solve most of your popup window problems as well as filtering banner adds.

On the banner blocking topic, JunkBuster, another free program (this one is 100% free, including the source code) is really great. It’s smaller, uses less system resources, and is faster. The drawback is that you have to edit text files to configure it, so it’s beyond the reach of some people. It’s at junkbuster, the .com site.

And yes, those ‘financial’ sites can be a pain. :slight_smile: E-Banking is fraught with danger.

[SERMON]Are we so jaded that felching no longer shocks us? Witness the length of the bestiality thread and this borderline-child-pornography(I don’t know how old she is but she looks like jailbait on the album cover)/Java thread. If you go surfing for pictures of naked little girls you deserve whatever happens to your browser. Stick to naked grownups if you must though the same thing will probably happen to your browser.[/SERMON]

This is how the sites put those pop up ads on their sites…

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
<!–“test”;‘website of popup goes here’,‘title of popup goes here’,‘width=410,height=230 or other dementions of the window’);

The code in bold shows which part opens the pop up ad.

This is how the sites open a new window when you leave the site…

<script language=“JavaScript”>
var spamem = true;
function dispAd()
var url=‘site of pop up site’;
var win=‘toolbar=1,directories=1,menubar=1,location=1,status=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,’;
if (spamem)
msg=open(url,‘title of page’,win);
// →

Notice the line *
var win=‘toolbar=1,directories=1,menubar=1,location=1,status=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,’*. If any of those variables are equal to 0, then, ta-da, no more of that variable, and no more toolbar, menubar, scrollbars and everything else on your browser. Like what most people said, the only ways to prevent it is either stop going to those “financial” sites (yeah right) or disable Javascript on your browser.

This is called “page-jacking” by the way. It sucks a big one. :frowning:

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