Click to Donate : Gujurat Earthquake

This is a “click to donate” site modelled on Hungersite that will give food to survivors of the earthquake in Gujurat.

I hope this doesn’t count as spam (oh hell, that wasn’t meant to be a cynical joke at all) but if it does, please accept my apologies and make it go away.

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Many thanks Eutychus55 for fixing the title.

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Just so folks know, in addition to the “Hunger” site, there are also a “Buy Rainforest” and
“Give a Free Mammogram” sites that work on the same principal.

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The URLs to those sites, if you would be so kind?:slight_smile:


will lead you to the Hungersite, the Rainforest site, The Mammogram one, plus Children with Aids, plus clearing Landmines.

and this one

takes you to all the above plus many many more. So many useful clicks, your mouse will get arthritis.:slight_smile: And your wrist - no, I didn’t say that.
I should just as easily have posted those links, but thinking they were well known, wanted to draw attention to one especially urgent and topical - a bit misguided really.

Thanks, Celyn–silly me never noticed the links at the top of the “Hungersite”–I would have tried to recreate all the specific links!!

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I wrote the link on the board in all my classes yesterday to get it out to more people. By Monday, it’ll be in the campus paper. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks Arden Ranger It’s a bit scary to think how little might help, isn’t? But your goodness in spreading it will help even more.