The Hunger Site

I just got forwarded the following link:

This takes you to a webpage called “The Hunger Site”. It has a button, which when clicked causes a food donation to be given to someone in a deprived foreign country. Frankly, the whole thing sounds pretty bogus. However, the site is very professional looking. Have any of you heard of this, or know whether or not it’s legit?

Carpe hoc!

I tried the button. You do not supply any information at all, so I must conclude that the webmaster has no idea who you are. This looks alot like a decendent of the old “win something by e-mailing one zillion people” hoax. If you want to help feed the hungry, stick to recognized charities.

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Actually, if we are talking about the same site, I think its for real.

Here is the site I have gone to that has a similar theme.

you go there click on the button, and a certain amount (it doesn’t say how much) is donated to charity, care of the company that advertises on the next page.

I think they have a different set of companies every day. They say the companies do it for PR purposes.


I agree. It sounds for real.

Internet advertising is an interesting business. There are lots of companies out there (too many of them are porn, unfortunately) who would like you to put their ads on your personal web page. If anyone clicks on it, from your site, they will pay YOU a nickel or so! That’s what is happening. Those advertisers pay “The Hunger Site” a certain amount because “The Hunger Site” got you to see their ad, and the “The Hunder Site” spends that money on hungry people, all thanks to you.

But I see a contradiction in what I just wrote - Do those advertisers pay “The Hunger Site” for merely showing you the ad, even if you don’t click on it?

Yes, pricciar, that’s the one.

Keeves, I would agree with you, except that from what I saw, there were no ads. (However, I didn’t check out every page. OTOH, it’s easy to go in, click the button, and leave without ever looking at another page.)

I guess the thing that makes me skeptical is my distrust of anything that sounds “too good to be true” (because they usually are).

Carpe hoc!

Maybe they are just collecting info for new Spam or mailing lists.

I asked Cecil about this site about a week ago. No news yet.

Thanks, TH. If you hear anything, let us know, m’kay?

Carpe hoc!

If any of you find that clicking on that site has unleashed some terribobble virus or somethin’, you’ll let the rest of us know, right?