Climate change "denial" ad in Science Times

The Science Times from Tuesday has a full page ad that denies that CO2 has any connection with global warming. I won’t quote it verbatim since it has a nasty sounding copyright notice at the bottom forbidding any reproduction. Some of the points it makes are:

Global warming is caused by the earth’s precession (presumably precession of the equinoxes) and the earth “shaking”, whatever that means. The shaking causes equatorial waters to undermine the polar glaciers.

CO2 has nothing to do with global warming. The things that do are 1. precession, increasing the amount of heat to the poles; 2. equatorial water flow as above; 3. Warm winds.

The glaciers will be reduced to a minimum by 2060. The earth will cease warming and start cooling to rebuild the glaciers. The magnetic poles will move to the equator. The equatorial flows cease. Precession stops and the amount of sun in the polar regions suddenly decreases. Large tsunamis and earthquakes hit. Solar radiation comes to the earth. Heavy rains and snows continue. Extreme temperatures. And extra-large hurricanes.

Massive extinction during the new ice age that lasts from 2060 to 2260, when the new ice age ends. The large extinction results in the rebuilding of the stores of oil and coal. The solar radiation will cause mutations and the appearance of new species.

Global warming is caused by sea level rise and precession. Humanity will become extinct. The future of mankind depends on Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump to minimize the damage from the coming catastrophe.

This is copyrighted by some organization called "Samsung Chemical Coating Co., Ltd. and signed by three people named Kang. Presumably it has nothing to do with the electronics company Samsung.

Apparently, these are batshit insane nutbag crackpot woo-flinging wackjobs. Googling to find this ad, I found an earlier one that they put in the Washington Post.

What do you call a well-financed fringe-science lunatic?

“Lucrative advertising client”.

I saw that too! I was just telling my brother about it last night.

Here is the ad mentioned by the OP.

<insert “Don’t blame me - I voted for Kodos” joke here>

“When the glacier is reduced to a minimum by about 2060, the earth will again work to make glaciers.”

I guess they’re viewing the Earth as some sort of giant icemaker. If you’ve never seen ice made except inside a refrigerator that would make sense, I suppose.

“You should review the results of our study. . .” Love to. Where do I find this study?

I’m pretty sure that will take longer than 200 years.

I imagine they’re still pulling it out of their asses.