Clinical Study Volunteers wanted in U.S

Looks like NIAID and NIH have launched the site for people to volunteer for the Phase 3 vaccine and treatment clinical trials. It appears that they’re all being run from here, so people only have to sign up once.

I’m volunteering, since I used to work in Med Device and know something of what a “good” clinical trial setup looks like for patient safety and can refuse if the consent documentation at the time looks insufficient. I don’t think it will be, but I’ll be checking into the IRB and how rigorous they are.

Just wanted to get this out there if others are interested.

I filled out the form. My guess is that anyone in Hawai’i won’t be eligible - if so, it would be nice if my zip code entry would have eliminated me immediately. I hope I didn’t fill out the form in vain.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind participating.