Clinton and Bush Presidential Portraits restored to the Grand Foyer

Trump had these taken down and stuck in a back room, replacing them with Republican icons McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. It was another of his tradition-breaking practices. Normally the most recent president’s portraits are displayed there. Biden’s team had them restored.

Of course, the one who definitely should be there was Obama. The article puzzled me by saying Obama “does not have a White House portrait of his own.” Really? Then what was that famous picture of him, seated and floating among a bunch of plants, which Trump notably refused to hang in the White House? Evidently although “official”, it’s not necessarily a “White House Portrait.”

Hopefully, Biden will put up an Obama portrait, whether it’s this one or not.

Hopefully Biden will restore tradition and get Obama’s official portrait up - isn’t that always done with a change of presidents? I’m thinking he must have sat for a portrait, but as far as I can find it was never put up.

EDIT: It sounds like there is a portrait, it just never got unveiled or put up: Trump Refusing to Unveil Obama's Portrait at the White House

I suppose the next question is, will Biden put up Trump’s portrait?

An argument could be made either way. – I wonder if Trump’s had one made. Though there’s always the infamous Not Really A Charity Donation portrait.

Is facing the wall allowed?

Yeah, it was specifically commissioned for the National Portrait Gallery, whose collection of portraits is distinct from the White House’s collection. From their website:

“As the nation’s only complete collection of presidential portraits outside the White House, the “America’s Presidents” exhibition lies at the heart of the Portrait Gallery’s mission to tell the country’s history through the individuals who have shaped it.”

How about facing a jury?

“Wanted” poster?

But we don’t want him . . .

I hope Biden returns to tradition and resumes holding the ceremony. Unveiling Obama’s portrait would a wonderful “Fuck You, Racist Prick” to Trump, and since the tradition will have been restored, the next President can unveil Biden’s portrait. Eliminating a Trump diaper shitting portrait, because he fucked the tradition up, and fuck him.

If Trump did actually did sit for a portrait, it should be put up simply so it doesn’t become a political tradition to not do so.
If he didn’t, put up an empty frame.

Yeah, much as I don’t want to see Trump’s smirking face hanging on the White House wall, we as a nation should not try to pretend that he didn’t happen. We elected that godawful travesty of a President, and his Presidency should be given the same official recognition that all others get. (All the more so if he threw a toddler tantrum and refused to recognize his own predecessor in that way.)

Yeah, that’s the argument for. It’s a pretty good argument.

The best one I can make against is to say explicitly that it’s his punishment for refusing to put up Obama’s. And/or for the attack on Congress. Is John Tyler’s portrait up?

ETA: apparently so.

On the other hand, we could follow the example of our Allies in Germany, who’ve decided that a certain former chancellor of theirs doesn’t need an official portrait hanging in a place of honor.

I think we should honor Trump in a manner befitting his administration. We should announce that his portrait will be hung on the wall.

And then we won’t built the wall.

I say it should never be. Trump refused to respect Obama, So Biden reaches back to where the chain was broken and fixes that. After that, since the traditon has been resumed, the next President looks back to the previous guy, Biden. Trump fucked it up, Fuck Trump.

Gotta agree with Kimstu here. Assuming he provides one, Trump should get his place. We don’t get to forget he was our shitty-ass President - we need to own that rather than pretend it didn’t happen. A little bit of national humility is in order.

And if Trump doesn’t provide one, they can hang a commission from Jim Carrey.

If we do have to stomach a portrait of DJT, for the love of all that’s holy DON’T let Jon McNaughton paint it. And hang it in the men’s room or pantry or something.

Good to see Biden put Bill and George back in a better place. But is there now a White House portrait of Obama? Surely DJT wouldn’t have the class to unveil it but Barack has waited long enough.

I remember reading somewhere that Trump never sat for a portrait. Didn’t have the patience or something.

Oh, come on! I think they should use the one of Trump and Melania riding a Harley.