Now that the Obamas finally have had their portraits unveiled, who should paint Trump's?

In a ceremony yesterday, the official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled – many years after the time they would traditionally have been unveiled. But there’s no way that Trump would have done such a thing. The man is a no-class act.

Asked if there would be an unveiling of a portrait for Trump, the Biden White House dodged the question

But that raises another question – who ought to paint the portrait?

There apparently already is a portrait of Trump as president held by the White House Historical Association

Trump might conceivably prefer one of Jon McNaughton’s hagiographic masterpieces

…like “The Masterpiece”

…although I suspect he’d prefer one of McNaughton’s less didactic works, like one of the three “Presidential Portraits”.

I’m sure that Dopers will have their own preferred choices, like Tommy Zegan’s Golden Trump statue

Now that the Obamas finally have had their portraits unveiled, who should paint Trump’s?

Slug Signorino

Any 4-year-old would do a plenty good job. Besides, the artist would be a kindred spirit to the subject and would properly capture the gravitas of the subject.

Good idea, seeing that Salvador Dali isn’t available.

Matt Groening

Rob Zombie?

W’s paintings are kind of horrific.

I believe Jim Carrey has already produced a series of Trump paintings they could choose from.

Here’s how The Simpsons portrayed him:

How about this Dali?

…or maybe this one

How about Berkeley Breathed?

He did all those "Bill the Cat as Donald Trump comic strips, ages ago


Basil Hallward

Can’t we find a chimpanzee to smear some feces on a canvas?

J. Fred Muggs (famous chimp who appeared on The Today Show in its early years) painted the cover for Mad # 38, although admittedly in paint, not feces

He’s still alive, so you might be able to get him to do another opus.

Imgur’s Grate Artiste

That would make him, at 70, the longest-living male chimp in captivity, by several years.

Stevie Wonder

Me! Me! Choose me!
Robert Crumb would be even better, if he has time and can bear to look at him.

Jim Carry of course. In fact, they are already done.

Me! I’d paint trump.

Two coats of gold paint.

Applied with a stiff wire brush.