Now that the Obamas finally have had their portraits unveiled, who should paint Trump's?

I was thinking that Wesley Morse would do. He drew the original ‘Bazooka Joe’ comics.

No, that’s his attorney team of Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani!

Ralph Steadman
Aubrey Beardsley
Charles Shultz

Sadly, “Skin Suffocation” is not a real thing.

A child with a crayon would be appropriate.

I’d go for something by Ralph Steadman.

Stolen from twitter:

Peecasso during his orange period.

Charles Addams.

Ralph Stedman.
(Darn you Pork Rind!)

IIRC Gomez Addams used to paint on occasion too. Or was that Morticia? In either case, their artistic style was, predictably, bizarre. Which suits their subject well.

Just give Trump a box of crayons and let him do it himself. It’d actually be fascinating to see what he’d try to draw.

Hadn’t seen that. Very nice.

That’s the best idea (well, it doesn’t have to be crayons!)

Since trump thinks he’s the best an anything he does, let him paint it. The first presidential portrait done by the subject. AND he can sell signed prints to the rubes! And we can listen to endless comments that “it’s the best portrait EVAH!” from now until eternity.

I bet the only crayons used would be the orange ones.

Geez, terrific!


Maybe whoever did this masterwork:

Trump posted a picture of himself as Rocky. No one knows what to make of it | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Robert Crumb is still alive.

Is Gahan Wilson still alive?

Jen Sorensen does a pretty good Trump:

Trump should paint his own, of course. With a Sharpie.

A Pardon…?