Clinton on Letterman, Botox?

This might be the wrong forum, but here it goes.

Here at work we are watching Bill Clinton on the David Letterman show. A co-worker swears that Clinton looks much younger. She suggested he has had Botox injections.

What do you think?

At any rate he seems to have lost some weight…

Botox should be easy enough to detect - does he frown or raise his eyebrows?

He seems to have suspiciously good hair, too… I’ve heard that older stars often have operations for that or wear hairpieces (Shattner, Connery, etc), but do politicians? I remember Gerhard Schroeder suing a German paper that claimed that he had dyed his hair - touchy subject, I guess.

I noticed his hair looking thinner than usual.
Certainly less than when he was the Attorney General here and it was brown and shoulder length.
He’s the President who seemed to age the least to me.

He said he’s lost about 25#.
He does look somewhat younger, but the bags under his eyes have now become a full set on Samsonite and he has a bit of a wattle going on.

Nothing like getting out from under the Murdoch/Scaife/etc media piss-stream to make you feel younger.


IMHO is the place for polls, although one could make the “mundane and pointless” argument.

I didn’t see him on Letterman, but I watched his speech at the DNC a few days ago. He did look good. I guess being semi-retired and having your book make a ton of money (and losing some weight) will do that for you.

I think no pressure or stress will make you look younger. He went from being the leader of the free world to puttering around the house. Might be botox because that is becoming as common as make-up but its probably just that he is happy.

Botox works by paralyzing parts of the face, so that wrinkles don’t form. A Botox patient will have some parts that never move, no matter what expression she’s forming. In extreme cases, you get the Clutch Cargo effect, where nothing moves but the mouth. If the facial expressions are still lively, there has been no Botox. Botox wears off, so if you don’t like it, you can just wait 6 months.

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Maybe Clinton hasn’t had any work done, but this thread has. :smiley:

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Interesting… I found he has aged quite a bit.

Compare this image, from the beginning of his first term, to this one taken more recently. Just my thoughts. We all view aging differently.

Didn’t see him on Letterman, but watched his DNC speech. I can’t recall whether I thought he looked younger, but it’s possible, as he’s out of the hot seat these days. It’s like how a while ago I saw a former music teacher of mine playing in a wedding band, and he looked like he had lost fifty pounds and ten years. Retiring from teaching can do that for you, so I’d guess that retiring from public office can too.

Do you mean while in office? It would make sense - he was 46 when elected, and he’ll be 58 in about two weeks.

I happen to think it’s elation at having finished the book and seeing it sell so well. Not to mention the book tour, with all the adulatory attention from his adoring admirers.

Although, some people have been known to go about with a certain twinkle in the eye and extra spring in their step when in the early stages of a new romance. But that couldn’t possibly be the case with Clinton, since he’s always been so happily and devotedly married… :rolleyes:

Yes, Carter looked as though he aged ten years in his single term.

… and Bill Clinton. :smiley:

Saturday Night Live is apparently interested in having Clinton host the show? I’d watch it. He seems to have a good sense of humour and wouldn’t mind making fun of himself. To bad Will Ferrell’s not with SNL anymore. I’d love to see Clinton in “The Lovers”. :smiley:

That said, I think there are numerous Bill Clinton clones out there, so over time, it will only seem that he’s “aging” well. Or maybe Kodos has replaced him already. “I am Clin-Ton.”


Good call.

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