Clinton versus Dole, Rounds 2-11

I did a search on the past few days and I didn’t see any threads about this, so mods if there is a thread already on this topic my apologies.

Bill Clinton and Bob Dole have signed on to do new “Point/Counterpoint” segments on CBS program Sixty Minutes. Relevant Link.

I don’t normally watch TV but I’m setting my VCR for record. I’m praying we get to see Clinton pull a “Bob, you ignorant slut” reminiscent of Aykroyd on SNL.

Yeah, Clinton calling Dole a slut would be pretty ironic!

Hehe. :slight_smile:

I actually think we’ll see a more relaxed Dole than we saw when he ran for President. This guy is hilarious! I hope it’s light-hearted even though they discuss real issues.

As I said in the You Ignorant Slut thread, I can’t wait to see the new SNL sketch in which they bring back Ackroyd as Dole, just so that he can say, “Bill, you ignorant slut!” If they don’t do it, I will be very disappointed.