Clintons last days, too funny

I don’t know where it came from, or how it got made, but damn, it’s funny!

Clintons last days

Warning, long-ass download if you aren’t on a ISDN, T1 or better. Worth it, though.

I’ve seen it, it is absolutely brilliant–freakin’ hilarious. I didn’t see any credits listed either, but I’d love to know who made it and how they got Clinton to do it.

Too damn funny! If that isn’t really Clinton, then they found someone who looks exactly like him.

Th first time I saw that was on Leno (I think). Anyway, it is hilarious.

“You’re ridin’ the wave of the future my man.”


(It is one hellaciously long download if you connect at about 45,333 like I do, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth it.)

UndeadDude says they made that during the convention, and yes it’s really him.

him = Clinton. Not UndeadDude. :wink:

This is Clinton’s film debut. Watch for him in the future become King of the Short Films, and have people come out to actually see them like they used to do at nickelodeons, then parlay that to become head of the MPAA.

there was such a guy doing canadian furniture store commercials, until the white house demanded he stop.

It is him, and like him or loathe him, that has style.

Thanks for the link!

S. Norman


Yeah, like him or not, that is just friggin cool that the President is in fact just another guy, when all is said and done. The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking “It is so incredible that this could happen, but then again, after all he’s been through, why not!?”

IIRC, this was made for, and debuted at, the White House Reporters banquet this past summer.