Cloak and Dagger

Starting a thread in case anyone wants to discuss the new series. Two episodes in and it seems to be pretty slow moving–a movie’s worth of time and we are still essentially on the origin story.

Decent so far, if slow. They could cut back on the angsty soundtrack.

On Freeform? Their mission statement is Be Twice As Angsty as CW.

I watched the first episode last night. Not bad, if a little predictable on the angst-o-meter.

I found it interesting that they changed the story on the origin of their powers; IIRC, in the original book, their powers were triggered by being injected with synthetic heroin (thus setting up the main thrust of their original stories: fighting drug dealers and organized crime). On the show, they got their powers from:

something released by the exploding Roxxon drilling platform

…and it looks like (once they manage to actually become a team) they’re going to be going after corrupt corporations (Roxxon) and corrupt cops.

I didn’t mind the origin change so much, as it opens up the possibility for the Bang Babies that lead to Static Shock :slight_smile:

Related to Tandy saying that she was named after her father’s first computer, I was thinking that Cloak and Dagger used to appear in Radio Shack comics and the name was a direct reflection of that, but it seems I misremembered who was in those comics.

I enjoyed it but I’m also torn at the speed at which these things happen. On the one hand, it can be fun to watch them struggle with learning power, but it’s also fun to see them use their powers. I guess we will see how it plays out but so far I’m enjoying it.