Close Call

I think I just cheated death a few minutes ago.

I was driving home and about to make a left turn onto my street when I decided to check the driver side mirror (I don’t know why I decided to do this, maybe I noticed the headlights).

In the mirror I saw a car heading towards me, traveling against traffic, and going very fast. I was confused so I paused for a moment. In that moment the car hurtled past me on my left. It went fast enough for my car to shudder in its wake. After the car passed I noticed the police car in pursuit. I finished my turn quickly to get out of its way. I’ve never seen a police chase, first time for everything I suppose. :eek:

I have no idea why I’m typing this. No one around to share the story with I suppose. Really, I’m in a bit of shock. I don’t think I’ve ever been that near to death. If I hadn’t checked the mirror I’m sure that the car would have hit me…

wow… sorry for any typos. Hands a are a little unsteady right now.


Holy crap, pung! It may take a while for you to settle down. Be gentle with yourself, huh?
BTW, welcome to the boards!

That is incredibly scary, pung. A similar thing happened to me years ago and I’ll never forget the feeling. I was travelling home on a highway (Rt 128 South near the Rte 93 interchange, for anyone in MA) late at night from a friend’s. The highway was all but deserted and I was traveling along at the speed limit in the right hand lane. I hadn’t been drinking or anything (thank God) and was just minding my business on a long, flat stretch of the road. In my rearview mirror I saw the blue lights flashing from a police car, coming upup behind me in the distance. I looked around in front, behind and next to me and there wasn’t another soul on the road and, like a good Catholic girl, panicked with guilt. I did a quick mental inventory of possible infractions on my part, but came up with nothing. I checked the rearview mirror again and realized the cruiser was in the left hand lane and coming up fast. I looked directly behind me and realized there was a car coming up behind me, no headlights on, at an incredible speed. As I saw the car coming right up on me (from behind still), I almost pulled over to the shoulder on the right, but somehow just stayed where I was. The asshat, doing probably close to 100mph, whizzed around me on the right, in the very part of the road I had almost pulled over to microseconds beforehand, and went flying up an off ramp at the approaching exit. The cruiser came up from behind left, passed in front of me and followed the scrofulous fool. I shook all the way home and then some. I still think about what would have happened if I had followed my urge to pull over and get out of the way.
I’m glad that you escaped with nothing more than a scare, pung.

pung, I’m glad you’re unscathed! Thank goodness you looked in the mirror before turning. Continued good health to you.

Thanks for the support.

Well, its been nearly two hours since the incident and I’m starting to calm down (a few rounds of Quake3 certainly helped :slight_smile: )

Right now, I’m wondering about the saftey of other drivers. The road I was on goes from four lanes two lanes about half a kilometer from the point I was ‘passed’. Tomorrow I’ll check the newspapers, I’m hoping that I won’t find it mentioned anywhere.