You ran me off the road. Cunt.

It would be the greatest pleasure to tie you to the front of that piece of shit, green ghetto-sled and roll it off a bridge. On a nearly empty road you chose to come into my lane right on fucking top of me, forcing me off the road, shredding the side of my car against a sign post (thus removing my door handle and shattering my side mirror) which sent me spinning around in the median. I’m lucky I didn’t wind up in the path of an oncoming semi-truck.
My car is fucked, I’ve got some shining bruises and my loving parents think I’m a fuckwit now for being out. I need this like a minister’s cock in my ass.
Die and go to hell, you insipid, worthless, brainless waste of carbon.

hehe. “ghetto-sled”. hehe.

Hadn’t heard that one before. But sounds like the driver in question deserves all the fires Hell has at its disposal.

I live near Nashvegas, Hung.
You OK?
Where’d this happen?
Did you call the cops?

Did this … er … woman have any damage to her car?
Then again, maybe you would have had difficulty noticing this as you were probably busy trying to save your life.
(I’m guessing she did NOT stop to exchange licenses and insurance information)
You will definitely call the police right?
I’m hoping that with sufficient damage to her car, it might be possible to track her down.

It was a dude. He didn’t actually touch my car. I could kick myself; I forgot to look at his tags.

You’re not the only one who’s been in a situation like that and forgot to get any useful data. I was driving home from work one night and in the very first intersection, where I turn left, I’m in the inside left-hand turn lane (there are two left-turn lanes in this intersection.) The guy to my right just keeps coming to my right and coming and coming during the turn. Bastard forces me into the curb in the middle of my turn and I put a big old hole in the sidewall of my tire as a result. I then got to spend the next thirty minutes changing my tire in the rain in the brightest parking lot I could find.

Hung Mung*
I could kick myself; I forgot to look at his tags.*

As I said in my previous post, you were probably too busy trying to save your life.

And this jerk had NO damage to his car? Damn. Sort of reminds me of one of the assholes that makes the 6:00 o’clock news for wiping out a family of five with his car, yet comes out of the accident relatively unscathed.

Well despite the damage to your car, it’s good you came out of it unhurt.

Not to be that guy who defends any asshat being ranted about in a thread, but, could it have been that you were in the other guys blind spot and he couldn’t see you? I had something similar almost happen to me but as the other guy. Was driving and there was a black VW “new” Bug behind me in the other lane. After a few blocks I was coming up on my turn. (I am in a minivan)Check my mirrors and I don’t see the Bug any more. I figgure he turned off somewhere back behind me, so I signal and begin to move into the right lane. I hear a BEEEEEP! and see him reappear from beside me in the mirrors. He was riding right in the blind spot. I think he went up on the curb a bit. I quicly swerved back into the left lane untill I was well clear of him. Scared the crap outta me.

Moral of this story? If you can’t see the guy in his mirrors, he probibly can’t see you at all.

If I had been approaching him, you’d be right. But I was doing the speed limit in the left lane on a mostly empty stretch of road. This dude passed me on the right and just sort of drifted over. I think the guy must have dozed off at the wheel, because you don’t just come over while you’re passing someone.