Closed captions on TV-gone?

The living room TV is on digital cable, and the other 2-kitchen and bedroom, are, to my understanding of what he’s done, spliced in or added on somehow. He gets about 300 channels, the other 2 about 70. I watch the other 2 on closed captions. Suddenly the captions are gone, and I cannot make them come on. I have been using them this way for 7 years, and I prefer it. I miss it badly! Can anyone help?

I’m assuming you have gone into your TV’s setup menu and find you cannot enable them. I was in that situation when I switched to a digital box - the TV no longer detects the cc info because the digital box strips it out apparently. It turns out that the digital box menu can enable cc, but it’s very inconvenient to use that menu (it’s a special setup operation when you power on the digital box)

Was there a change to the way your TV gets it’s signal?

Thanks, I tried just now, it’s TV or CATV, and there’s no signal on TV at all. Do you think a newer TV would help? These are both older sets.

Captioning is a feature of the television, not the cable. That is, it’s turned on and off through the televion set. Not everything is captioned, but most tv shows, movies, and even commercials are. So if you’re not getting ANY captions I am guessing you accidentally turned them off. If there isn’t a “captioning” or “CC” button on the television (not cable) remote, you’ll have to wade through the menu to figure out how to turn it back on (every tv has a different setup).

No, you need to enable closed captioning on the cable box, not on the TV. Call the cable company for instructions.