Closed Thread

Could the ‘Thread Closer’ please post a reason for the closure, in a last post?

What thread are you talking about?

The OP is likely not talking about a specific thread, but about closing threads in general. If the person closing the thread were to always explicitly state the reason for closing, we’d have less threads like this:

Given that two previous posters had already alluded to the fact the thread was a zombie (one of them explicitly), MEBuckner probably felt the reason was self evident.

How many threads like that do we actually get? Most moderators give a reason when closing a thread. When people post “Why was this thread closed?!” it’s usually because they disagree with the reason given, not because the moderator didn’t give one.

I’m still curious about what Will Repair meant.

I usually just click to the last post to see why a thread was closed (and, yeah, I’m a rubbernecker who usually checks), so I like it when the mod states the reason. Typing “zombie” or whatever would add, what, 10 seconds to the labor of closing it?

I recall seeing enough that it would be a good rule to have, and it just seems like an obvious practice to have. What’s your objection? The extra typing?

No objection at all. I’m just pointing out it is actually common practice by most moderators. If it is left out on occasion, I think in most cases it’s usually just an oversight, and in any case doesn’t happen all that often.

I thought you liked puzzles. Wouldn’t that deprive you of the fun of figuring it out for yourself? :wink:

We still haven’t heard from Will Repair regarding what he was talking about.

This one.

My guess is that it was closed because the question had been answered.

Was there something else you wanted to ask?

It would be helpful, when you are asking a question, if you could be a little clearer about what you are asking. That goes for the present thread, as well as that one.

Could you please specify what is unclear about the Yes or No Question:

First, you gave no indication of which thread you were talking about.

Second, that doesn’t seem to me to be a Yes or No question. You seem to be requesting more information than a simple Yes or No.

Third, since you apparently aren’t willing to clarify just what information you want, I am going to close this thread.