Closer - What does Jude Law know from baseball?

Am I the only person who thought the new movie Closer was about a relief pitcher? From its reviews I’m sure it would be more entertaining. Have you ever made misinterpretations that would be BETTER than what turned out to be the real thing?

For the longest time I thought Sleepless in Seattle was supposed to be some psycho-thriller about an epidemic of insomnia in the Evergreen State.

I thought Face Off was a hockey movie.
But I liked Face Off and I don’t like hockey that much.

Don’t even get me started on The Neverending Story

The OP might’ve been less confused if she’d heard how the film is pronounced. Think adjective, not noun.


clearing head and throat Had this been the first time it’d be different. At my first Chidope one person’s biggest surprise was that I was a guy. But yes, it is pronounced differently.

I had thought for sure that I had figured out the twist end of Tom Hanks “The Terminal” .
I thought in the end he would die in the airport and they would later find out that he was coming to America to be treated for a life threatening disease but never managed to make it out of the airport. Thus making Tom Hanks “The Terminal” patient.

When I saw the title, Closer, I immediately thought of real estate and wondered, “Is this anything like Glengarry, Glen Ross?”

I’ve always known you’re a guy. But I had no idea you were a fan of baseball movies.

My first thought was that it was Nine Inch Nails related.

Verbenabeast experienced a similar situation.

But a verbena is a flower and what kinda guy names himself after a flower? I mean, our gay guys are butcher than THAT. :wink: On the other hand, dropzone is a manly, even warlike word evoking thoughts of paratroopers. Not that I am warlike or a paratrooper.

Next time, use “he or she”, or “heshe” to save some typing… :wink: