Closest subway stop to the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge?

Please help this native Queensian. What’s the closest stop to the Brooklyn Bridge (in Brooklyn) and how do I get there? Note that I don’t want to go across the bridge, but I need to scout the area for locations to shoot with the bridge in the background.

My map says it’s the High St station on the A-C line. You can get there by taking the E through manhattan and switching somewhere like Penn Station to the A-C. Or you can take the G to Hoyt, where it meets up with the A-C.

I actually downloaded a .pdf map from the MTA website and keep it on my desktop for quick reference.

High St (A C) is practically at the foot of the bridge. Borough Hall (2 3 4 5) is about half a mile away, as is Jay St (A C F).

If you want a good view of the bridge, take the N or Q trains into brooklyn. You’ll be travelling on the south side of the manhattan bridge, with a perfect view of the brooklyn bridge to your right.

Also, you could get off at Clark St (2 3) and walk onto the Brooklyn Heights promenade, which should also be a good view.

To get there from queens: If you’re getting off at one of the 2/3 stops, then find your way onto a 7 train and take it to times square, then take a downtown 2 train.

If you’re getting off at one of the A/C/F stops, you can either grab the G at long island city and transfer at hoyt-schermerhorn sts to a manhattan-bound A, take an F through manhattan, or take an E into manhattan and switch to a brooklyn-bound A.

Thanks! It looks like the G to the AC is the best bet.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hopstop.