Clothing ideas for a murder mystery


For a murder mystery party this weekend, I will be playing an East German nuclear physicist. The party takes place on the Orient Express, I’m guessing in the 1950’s.

Can someone suggest clothing for me to wear?

The pictures I was able to find seem to suggest suit and tie and I was wondering if others had some ideas.

Suit and tie, and a hat. And a briefcase.

You need a clipboard with lots of papers on it. Horn rim glasses. I don’t know if pocket protectors are in period or not. If you’re going for Mad Scientist type, then don’t forget the Mad Scientist hairstyle, and probably Mentat style eyebrows as well (skip the Saphoo juice stains, though). You might be able to get away with a lab coat, rather than a suit jacket. If you can find or fake a slide rule, make sure that you display it.

Have fun! I just attended my first mystery dinner theater on Saturday, and I have GOT to do this again.

If he’s German they need to be small and round, wire rim glasses.

A monocle would be good.

Something that glows in the dark.

No help from me I’m afraid, but I envy you.

I’ve always looked forward to going to these one day, but haven’t got around to it.

Happy sleuthing !

Frumpy clothes…:wink:

I used to spend weekends in East Berlin (lots of reasons) and the best description of East German clothing would be drab.
Find some worn out brown shoes, very basic. Get a cheap gray or brown suit that is crappy material. White shirt and skinny tie. Cheap, basic black or brown belt. You could splurge and wear a red carnation (party members loved to wear red carnations on the regime holidays).
Slick your hair back and wear black rimmed glasses.
A tattered brown briefcase would be a nice accessory.

You should be able to find everything you need at a Goodwill store.

Oh, and never - under any circumstances - never, ever smile.
Dour and drab…key words to remember.

Viel Spass!

Thank you for the tips.

So, we’re going to have a murder-poo?
As in, go watch the film Murder By Death-tons of ideas for costumes there.