Cloud music storage

Do any of you store all your music on the cloud? What services have you used? Which ones are the best?

I’m tired of having my music scattered everywhere. I had some on an ipod that got lost, some on my work computer that I didn’t get a chance to copy when I lost my job, some on a hard drive that went bad; some is on my smartphone; some is on my laptop; some is on cd’s. Now I’m moving, and I’d really like to get rid of my cd’s and store everything in one place where it will be safe. I thought about an external hard drive, but then I remembered “the cloud.”

There are plenty of services that will store any type of file, but they tend to be a bit pricey for a large music collection, they don’t allow streaming, and you frequently have to upload one file at a time. (At least that’s how Google does it.)

I looked for music-specific services, but nothing seems to be quite what I’m looking for. Psonar looked perfect in every way: free, unlimited storage (because they cleverly store only one copy of each track, regardless of how many people own it), streaming. But I just found out that they keep the first copy they get, regardless of the quality. So I might have a 256 kbps file that I think I’m sending to Psonar, but only be able to download a 96 kbps copy, if that’s what they have. MeCanto also looked great, (cheap rate, unlimited storage, streaming) but they don’t let you download your files, just stream them.

Is there anyone that combines everything I want–reasonable price, unlimited (or very large and cheap) storage, automatic upload, streaming, and download of the original files (or equivalent)?