So, does anybody have their music in the cloud?

I was frustrated because I was running out of space on my iPhone for music, so I looked into uploading some music into the cloud and playing it on the built-in browser. I discovered Google Play. It lets you upload up to 20,000 songs to Google’s servers for free. I downloaded their Music Manager and uploaded around 5800 tunes from my computer, about 35% of my free storage. Google touts its service as being Android-compatible, but it works pretty much flawlessly on my iPhone browser, no special app needed. You can also play your music on any computer. Streaming any album or song to my iPhone is quick and easy. Now I can remove some of my lesser played music from my phone and reclaim space for more apps.

So, is anyone else moving to the cloud? (Any cloud, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.)

I have music stored to Google Music/Play. I tend not to stream it using my phone though because that will suck up my data big time unless connected to wifi and I barely ever have the chance to listen to music when I’m not around my computer in the first place.

Yeah, I can understand. I use wi-fi when I’m at home. I wouldn’t use it on 3G because that can be a big data hog. I use my iPhone as my main music player around the home, though. I have various speaker docks and a Bluetooth receiver connected to my home theater setup. So, streaming music through the phone is a pretty decent solution for me.

I put much of my music on-line in the Google Music cloud. I use an old, retired smart-phone (which still runs WiFi) to play it on any sound system in my house.

I’m using iTunes music match. It’s pretty freakin’ amazing. I have 10,000+ tracks stored on my media Mac Mini at home, and now, while I’m driving, I can tell Siri to “play some Who” and my iPhone will start streaming music to my car stereo over Bluetooth.

I love technology.

Nope, & never will.

  1. I don’t store anything online, sites can go out of business or get hacked (music isn’t an issue, but other data, like tax returns is); call me paranoid that way. Have a couple of external HD that get rotated offsite for backups.
  2. Most of my music listening is done deep in the core of buildings; concrete, rebar, & cinder blocks mean I don’t get phone reception so don’t expect to get streaming music either.