Can you load music on an iphone without itunes, for free?

Why does this have to be so hard? If you search you get a lot of commercial solutions. I haven’t tried one of those yet. I would if it was a good one. But the free ones seem to be elusive.

Do you mean load music that you already have onto your iphone? MP3s and such?

Best to use a third-party app for that. I’ve found VLC to be good for that; to load music onto it, you need to connect the iPhone to some wifi network and then use another device in the same network to open a page in the browser that lets you upload files from that device to the phone via drag-and-drop. The iPhone version does (at least to my knowledge) not feature the decryption functionality that can cause legal complications in the US.

Yes I mean mp3s and flacs I have on my PC.

I have a wifi. It’s Xfinity. I haven’t used it yet. I’m pretty confused as to the rest.

I wonder if android users all used to be like me.

II would be willing to switch to anbroid to avoid this. It seems like a lot of solutions are too much trouble.

The one I bought yesterday, waltr pro has been prepping 5 gigs of music for 24 hours now. No scroll bar no progress report. Just wait and hope for the best. I don’t dare trun my machine off.

Years ago I used MediaMonkey because iTunes was terrible at handling my personally (legally) ripped music. Later versions of iTunes got better, MediaMonkey had trouble tracking iOS updates, so now I use iTunes to upload music to my iDevices. I don’t use iTunes for ripping or tagging or transcoding (FLAC to MP3) - I use dBpoweramp for that.

Can one just connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB (or lightning?) cable, then see the iPhone as another drive you can copy music files to? That’s what I’ve done with every Android phone I’ve had.

No. You need to connect through a wifi network and share a folder between your iPhone and PC. It’s pretty involved.

You instal the media player app on your phone and connect the phone to a wifi. You connect another device (such as a laptop) that has the music files on it to the same wifi. You open a menu in the app on the phone, and it will give you an IP address (a String of numbers identifying a device in a network). You open a browser on the laptop and put that IP address in the address line. It will take you to a web page where you can drag-and-drop the music files into a folder. This will automatically transfer the files to your phone, where they can be seen and played by the media player app. Afterwards you can disconnect the devices from the wifi. It sounds more complicated than it is.

I use Sync to move files back and forth from my Android phone, so don’t have to muck about with cables. Seems to support other OSes

I thought Apple stuff was supposed to be simpler and easier…

I’m not an Apple guy, but if the OP had iTunes on both devices, it would be a snap. Syncing music between a PC and an Android isn’t exactly a walk in the park, either.

That’s only if you use all Apple products. Their goal is to get you using your Mac with your iPhone or iPad, listening on your AirPods, wearing your Apple Watch, and so on.

They throw a bone to Windows users because they dominate the PC-space, but you still have to use Apple’s iTunes software to get remotely close to their “just works” ideology.

Transferring music from PC to Android is as easy as copy and paste. Open or create a music file on your phone and eother C&P or drag and drop.

Yeah, on Android it’s just copying files from one directory to another.

My original point was that syncing music isn’t automatic. You put music on your PC, you then have to copy it to your Android. If you use iTunes, you put music on your PC, then plug in your iPhone and the software syncs automatically.

If I use Windows Media Player and I drag a song to the syncs list it automatically syncs to my phone. Am I misunderstanding something? I have never used Apple.

I don’t use Windows Media Player, but I’m impressed that it would sync to your phone. What music player do you use on your Android phone? Do playlists sync as well?

I have 3 but my favorite at the moment is Music Player MP3 player Audio player. I know it sounds generic but thats all I can find in the app.