Can you load music on an iphone without itunes, for free?

I just Googled this and, yes, WMP will sync music to an Android phone. Ignorance fought.

Again, what music player do you use on your Android phone? Do playlists sync as well?

This is my favorite at the moment.


Good luck with your music!

They just want to use you. Your convenience, utility, and time are not in the picture, anymore.

BTW I avoid itunes in all devices. So I am reasoning right now that if I don’t have any other reason to use apple, I should switch to android.

Maybe a flip phone would serve my purposes. It has a crease down the middle but they say you get used to it.

What if there’s not enough room on the phone? Does it warn you first? Or does it just copy what it can until it runs out of space?

I can confirm that it’s easy to copy music to an Android phone, either the internal storage or a microSD card. I have a 64GB microSD in my Moto G Stylus. Rather than plugging the phone directly to my computer I usually find it simpler to put the microSD into a USB adapter and plug that into my computer, but it will work either way. I just copy whatever music I want to a Music folder on the microSD, but it can be anywhere on the Android phone you want as long as your music player of choice can find it. I use Music Folder Player, it has no problem browsing your phone and playing whatever music you tap. That’s what I like about Android, the flexibility.

Sounds great. I’m already there in my mind.

I did manage to load a file of music on the Iphone and it duplicated every track 3 or 4 times in my library. Why? Reasons i guess. No apologies for making your library incoherent. Whatever it is they want it for their own purposes, not the consumer. I’m out.

Related topic: I just attempted to help out a friend. She has a Windows laptop and an iPhone. She has iTunes installed on her laptop as well as iCloud.

She had some pictures on a thumb drive that she wanted to be able load on her phone. I copied the pictures to a folder on her windows desktop and then fired up iTunes and attached her phone to her computer via USB cable. iTunes recognized her phone but did not give me the option to copy anything to it. So I copied the pictures folder to iCloud, assuming that her iPhone would see it and be able to open it. But we couldn’t see that folder from her phone. I did a couple of more things but was unsuccessful. At that point, I had to leave, very frustrated that things had to be so unsimple.

It used to be kinda frustrating to do stuff like that. Since a couple of years there is a file manager “files”? available for iOS. That will connect to iCloud, your NAS, you can copy stuff from messaging apps, email and store it.

It still isn’t quite drag and drop, but for photos, ebook, all kinds of documents it is miles beyond what it used to be.

iTunes is still a huge resources hog but in a modern computer I don’t really mind anymore, it is now comparable with a browser:(