Cloves and Beedies

I went to “Smoke & Snuff” yesterday at the Governor’s Square Mall here in Tallahassee. Upon asking for Beedies, I was told that the state of Florida has banned the import of Cloves and Beedies. Does anyone else know anything about this? I asked if you could get them in Georgia, and was told that people come down from GA to buy them in FL. I then went to a different nearby tobacco shop, and while the clerk had heard nothing about it, he said that they were closing within several months.

Any clue what’s going on?

  1. It’s “bidis” not “beedees.”
  2. They’re probably banned due to the vast majority of Bidis being made by child labor at slave wages. This was all detailed in a CBS 60 Minutes expose.
  3. Hi Opal!

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I suppose that you’ve still been able to buy them since December of 1999 because they’re probably allowed to sell their remaining stocks. But now I suppose the supply is exhausted and they’re not allowed to import any more.