Why No Flavored Cigarettes, Just Cigars?

OK, so you have your menthol cigarettes. But, cigars come in many flavors. Why no cherry cigarettes, etc? I’m not a smoker, but I am curious if there is some difference why flavored cigarettes wouldn’t sell.

They did have them and Obama signed a bill into law giving the FDA additional regulatory powers to ban them, I guess it was aimed at keeping kids from smoking.


I remember clove cigarettes. I don’t know if they were covered in the Obama ban, but they always smelled like someone was smoking pipe full of nutmeg.

Yep that’s when Cloves disappeared after Obama signed the bill.

I’m just not sure if a cigar could even be made with something like sweet Dutch pipe tobacco.
I might try … one…

PS- for those people who want to stop significant others from smoking cigars, there is a solution.

Have them stop smoking in the middle of one of their best cigars to ‘cut down’.
Clip off the entire burned end off; leave nothing but pristine untouched brown tobacco.
Store it open-air. Keep it for a week… maybe two.
Then give it back and say, “Remember that cigar I took away from you? Here, you can have it. I’ll even light it.”

In about 15 minutes they will start involuntarily heaving and throwing up. Don’t ask me why, but it works.

They smelled like someone smoking a pipe full of, well, cloves. :wink:

I couldn’t stand those things, even when I was a pack or two a day smoker. They’re the only cigarette that made me dizzy and want to vomit, oddly enough.

Anyhow, I was wondering why I hadn’t smelled them in a long while. I just chalked it up to both smoking and cloves decreasing in popularity, but I guess it’s also the ban. Interesting.

Back in the 90s, I remember some flavored with honey or fruit. I think I bought the honey ones on a lark and they weren’t really good. These were (IIRC) from smaller independent brands, not the major brands. Anyway, maybe the market isn’t really there for them.

Edit: Oh, hey, they still sell them (or at least did as of 2014… unless those are just old cigarettes from the 90s)

There was a brand in the late 80s, early 90s, that I remember was marketed as smelling good. I don’t remember the name (wasn’t Misty, but a similar kind of name). I want to say that I stole a few of my mom’s and they may have tasted a bit vanilla-y. Too sweet.

A Parodi, though…mmm that was a treat.

Right before Obama signed that law, there was actually a big explosion in flavored cigarettes (beyond the traditional menthol and cloves.) Camel made a line of “Exotic Blends” sold in tins that I particularly remember: they came in chocolate, orange and a café-au-lait flavor amongst others.

You can still get clove cigarettes. But they call them ‘cigars’ now.

Guess they don’t sell the honey ones any longer. Moonlight Tobacco (the maker) went out of business in 2005. That link must be for people who collect old cigarettes or boxes.

Oh, wait, that sounds familiar now that you mention it. But aren’t they called “cigarillos,” the cigarette shaped cigars?

Cloves are still around, as are cherry flavored, menthol, and a few others, they’re just sliiiiiighly wider across, are either unfiltered or have a different filter style, and are called cigarillos to get around the “no flavored cigarettes” ban. I have had Djarum brand cloves before and after the change-over, and I don’t notice the flavor changing at all. I know the rolling ‘paper’ has changed (I believe cigarettes are a type of actual paper, and cigars have to be tobacco leaves?) and the packaging has changed: they’re in a vertical-oriented “cigar” box now.

And the reasoning I’ve heard most often from health professionals is that the flavored ones were disproportionately enticing younger people to smoke, and as an administration they were really trying to eliminate smoking as part of the healthcare cost efforts.

So now these are slightly more expensive, slightly more taxed, and because they’re slightly more regulated, they’re less likely to be sold in regular gas station and grocery store cigarette racks, so there’s less chance for underage people to get to them.

I remember hearing that the FDA was gearing up to start thwacking winkies on manufacturers using that loophole.

FDA takes action against four tobacco manufacturers for illegal sales of flavored cigarettes labeled as little cigars or cigars

I don’t think it’s fair to describe cigars as coming “in many flavors”. Maybe really low-grade ones or novelty types, but good cigars are basically made with good tobacco, nothing more. Polluting a quality cigar with flavoring would be a travesty.

Oh man, clove cigarettes. They were the thing when I was coming of age in the 80s and you could still smoke indoors at bars and clubs. They were some stinky mother fuckers and were the introduction into regular smoking for many teens and young adults.


Kreteks. Loved them when I first discovered them in college in the 70s. Even more when we went to Bali in the 90s. Dangerous when a clove fragment explodes and drops a cherry onto your floorboard while driving, or ignites your tie while you drone on unaware. Seems like the ones sold here in the states are kind of stale and nasty, maybe that’s just nostalgia…

Bidis just made me dizzy though.

But you tend to rupture yourself trying it inhale. :wink: Those and De-Nobili are my go-tos for on the motorcycle; they won’t burn out even at 60mph. Plus they come from the same parent company near my old hometown.

FDA aside, those really are cigars/cigarillos in terms of make/design. The fault seems to be more the marketing. Or at least that is where Uncle Sugar is finding the fault.

One of my coworkers is retired from Big Tobacco and I asked him about the OP. His claim is that very few flavors of any sort work in a standard paper-wrapped cigarette because of the way it burns/heats involved. He was at least second generation (in his family) in the industry and his claim is that is/was their version of the search for the Holy Grail. A couple were marketed at various times but all were terrible failures.