Flavored cigarettes

I smoke. Now leave me alone.

But on to the topic…

Is anyone aware whether the tobacco gods ever manufactured flavored cigarettes? I mean besides mint (menthol). They certainly couldn’t do it now, because it would be seen as marketing to children, but why did they never come up with, say, strawberry flavored cigarettes? How about other fruits?

Since smoking is absolutely the best after a big fat rare steak (it’s true - even better than after sex), then why not have steak flavored smokes?

Smoke up, my friend.

A couple of years ago I got an ad out of a magazine that was for orange (or orange & mint) Camels. Never tried them, sounds gross.

Only seen flavoured tobacco

You can buy flavored cigs (vanilla, cherry, clove) at the counter of your local 7-11.

When the clove cigarettes first came out, there was a lot of publicity about how dangerous they are – moreso than regular cigarettes.

Camel has their new line with Orange, mandarin mint, mint chocolate and a few others. I’ve tried most, they’re not bad.

Because it would still taste like a cigarette. And cigs taste like… well… I’ll reserve my colorful language for different mediums.

I do not smoke, but have, at times, partook of a cigarette. One time, a buddy told me all about some wonderful mint cigarettes he had (not menthols). So I tried one. Tasted like crap. No mint.

It did have a pretty case, though.

I fairly regularly smoke the clove ones, love the flavour, although I do not find then nearly as satisfying as a stock standard one.

I used to smoke those bidis referred to in the first link as a teenager. Only because it was slightly better than the alternative of smoking tealeaves, or twigs or something.

When I smoke rollies from loose tobacco, I almost always ad something to the tobacco to stop it drying out too much. A little lemon or orange peel gives a very gentle flavour and is really nice.

I am curious about vanilla, must try that sometime.

while I was in high school (I am now 27), this unknown cigarette brand came up with Apricot/Orange flavored cigarettes… It was gross… kind of like chewing a bad old candy! Very odd, and it didn’t last.

The ones I’m referring to are called Primetimes…they come individually in little plastic tubes. I don’t smoke either, although for a brief period a couple years ago I smoked a pipe, the odd cigar, etc.