Flavored cigarettes?

I am an avid smoker, and my fiance is more of an occasional smoker. We both also enjoy random smokes (I love cigars…flavored or natural, and sometimes buy black and milds and blunt wraps just to experience a little more flavor) and she has lately been trying things like Swisher Sweet shorts with Cherry flavor…which she liked, but they are kinda strong for her…she is used to lights…
She is looking for a flavored cigarette…
I have often been told that Camel Exotics are my best bet, but I refuse to believe that this is the only option…I’m hoping that something will be available at a tobacco shop I plan on going to tomorrow, but any suggestions guys? This seems to be the place to go for info on about anything…so tell me, what is the dope on flavored ciggs?

ChI agree about the Camel Exotics. They have super flavors…I think they had different ones at Christmas, but right now they have Twist (citrus), Crema (vanilla), Mandarin Mint (citrus + menthol), Stinger (sweet + tart) and Dark Mint (chocolate mint).

if you don’t have to log in, you should be able to use this link to find a store by you that carries them

Before these came out, I liked to buy Nat Sherman Mint’s (in a box). Mint is the only “flavored” cig they make but they have some special high-quality blends. See http://www.natsherman.com

The Camels can be found at most gas stations with good cig variety. The Nat Shermans are only found at smoke shops.

Camel Exotics are wonderful. I smoked the Turkish Jade flavour exclusively for several months until I got lazy and went back to Kools/Newports, which can be found five minutes down the road as opposed to a 20 minute drive into town. The Mandarin and Dark Mint were really nice, as well, with my only caveat being that the Dark Mint is a dessert cigarette more than a regular smoke.

I used to like the flavored bidis in high school. Are they still available? I think strawberry was one of the choices.

I had heard of flavored bidis before, but never seen them…I have smoked the Turkish Jade and I enjoyed them, but I dont know if she liked them…
I work at a convenience store…we carry most ciggs at state minimum…but we kinda carry what people buy…a lot of cheap stuff (waves, monarchs, mavericks) and some average brands…marlboro and camel and winston and some others…we carry newports, but being in Ohio, those are like 4.96 a pack now…wow, expensive…I normally have been smoking Turkish Royals and really like the taste, but flavors appeal to me also…
Where could I find bidis? are they even still out there? and anything cherry is wonderful…heh

Also, I was looking into bidis a lil bit…it seems that they are quite difficult to come by here in the states, or maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places…also many people seem to take offense when smokers use bidis as bidis are often made by children in india…according to Detroit Free Press’s article from March 21st, 2000 - can be found on <a href= “http://www.freep.com/news/nw/bidi21_20000321.htm”>this</a> site…the average student creating bidis seems to roll about 1000 bidis and make about 15 cents a day. This would not exactly be the type of product I would like to endorse…so bidis may not be my cup of tea…I wish I could find them guilt-free and produced by adults or someone other than a 9 year old at least.
I think Camel exotics might have to be the choice…

I have also heard of the following…

Dhanraj Imports, Inc. - Silky Dew Lux
Kretek Intl.

any info on those two?

Non-smoker, so maybe I’m not the best judge of what’s available…

I’ve never seen flavoured bidis in India. Ever. Never seen 'em and never heard of 'em either, until a few years ago, in Germany, when a French colleague asked me if I could bring some for him the next time I went back to India. He was hoping they’d be cheaper here than wherever he bought his from. I did ask around when I got back, but I drew blank stares from everyone.

What I’m wondering is, if the bidi-stockists in India don’t know of them, where are they made then??

A friend of mine took up smoking Kretek-cigarettes (spelling?) when he was in Indonesia. They are tiny, very slender cigars, thinner then a cigarette, wrapped in brown tobacco-leaf, heavily scented with cloves.

They did smell good, even to me as a non-smoker.