Cigarette Smokers: Have you ever tried any of the Camel Exotic Blends?

Non-smokers, Truth militants & the like: Please go away - your opinion in this thread isn’t requested, wanted or necessary.

Cigarette smokers: Have any of you ever tried any of the Camel Exotic Blend brand of cigarettes? The first time I lit up an Izmir Stinger, a cigarette given to me in a martini bar that illegally allows smoking on the premises, I knew this is what smoking is all about. Damn they’re good, and I really like the tins they come in.

I can’t accurately describe the two flavors I’ve tried:

The aforementionedIzmir Stingers with a unique citrus flavor
Crema which have a sweet vanilla flavor.

I’m not much of a menthol fan, so I don’t know if I’ll try the other flavors that are available. This much I can say: Of the 2 exotic brands I’ve sampled, both what I call a ‘must try $6 investment’. They offer a break from the usual on a night out, they’re somewhat of a conversation piece to other smokers and are a true, satisfying pleasure. I also find that in a bar setting, I don’t seem to smoke as much when I have them.

I’ve smoked one Crema before. Nice enough, but I’d like to try the Izmir Stingers.

OhMYgod. I love the Dark Mints and Izmirs. The Dark Mints are like smoking an Andes Mint. I don’t like the Manadrin Mint (citrus+mint=bad), the Crema are okay, but anytime I’m in a bad mood, I get me a tin of the tasty DMs or ISs. Mmmmmmm.

And I kind of think of the Izmirs as smoking Trix. Yeah, I relate them to food. Fie on you.

I don’t smoke but I have to say I love the ads. The women are REALLY pretty and I love sneaking a peek at the posters when I pass by the tobacco shop.

I used to smoke and I wish i’d found out about all those when i still smoked, i would have tried them all!

Those Dark Mint ones are fabulous, and I’m the kind of smoker who would usually rather put the cigarette out on my tongue than smoke menthol. The Mandarins made me queasy, but I would love to try those vanilla ones!!

Like Draelin, I can’t stand menthol cigarettes. I used to smoke the Izmir Stingers when New Yorkers were still allowed to smoke in bars. The flavor of those Stingers while drinking a manhattan was amazing, bordering on orgasmic. Too bad I’m no longer allowed to smoke in the bars anymore. Now I want to go to a cigar bar and have a drink while I smoke.

I’ve also tried the Crema, though I found it to be little bit too mellow for my tastes.

nvestigator, you just hit on the precise reason I don’t schlep into the city to go to bars anymore. I’ll stay home and actually enjoy myself.

New Jersey: We’re New York’s Smoking Section.

I’m submitting that for the new state motto. :slight_smile:

I just bought a pack of the “Twist” a couple days ago.


The Dark Mint’s are really good. They’re milder on the mint-o-meter than a normal menthol, so you might like them. The Orange Mint’s smell wonderful, but unfortunately don’t taste like they smell. They’re good, mind you, but not as good as I was hoping when I first opened the tin and took a whiff.

I still haven’t tried a Zinger or Twist, I might have to stop by the smoke shop tomorrow.