Clowns. Come on, who hasn't secretly wanted to do this?

If you’ve ever watched the documentary called Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you’d understand the fear this person may have felt

besides, the article didn’t specify if they were Clowns, or Klowns…

Mimes?!? They get no sympathy from me.

I’m sorry for the Cannibals.

Who can’t eat Clowns.

Because they taste funny.

It doesn’t matter, all clowns are evil and must be destroyed

I am envisioning the trial…

A tiny car careens into the courtroom, and a thousand jurors come tumbling out of it. Attorneys wearing gigantic floppy shoes take their places. The judge enters, is seated on a whoopee cushion, and proceeds to bang a humongous gavel on a watermelon. The bailiff calls the court to order by squeaking his bulbous, red nose.

In the end, the defendant is found not guilty by reason of inanity.

The killer has the perfect defense: He thought he was shotting John Wayne Gacy

Or Anna Nicole Smith.

I wouldn’t talk if I were you.

You’re right, the Mimes are all around, and they are watching, silently watching our every move…

You guys better stop making fun of this; haven’t you ever heard of the Insane Clown Posse.

Yeah, they come after guys just like you. That music thing is just a front.

My aunt lived in Colombia for many, many years. But she was safely tucked away in Medellin, far away from Cucuta, where she could have easily been a casualty of clown-related violence.

You guys wouldn’t be laughing so hard if your dad was a clown. :frowning:

Not that mine is, just sayin’…
Signs you may have hired the wrong clown:

-Clown car starts by breathalyzer.
-Starts routine off with “A little song, a little dance, and little seltzer in my scotch.”
-Animal balloons are all lubricated.
-One of your guests shoots him.


If you want to kill the circus, go for the juggler!

Wrong. Go for the guy with the Snidely Whiplash mustache and the whip. He’s the ringleader. I mean ringmaster. Ringwraith. I don’t know, just get him!

News flash! The perp has been picked up:

On a side note, pardon me for being such a newbie, but how do you get these Web addresses to look like a word that you click on and not a long address?

Click on the link icon (little pic of earth and a chain) and follow directions. I copy the URL to the clipboard with my mouse and paste it.

You mean like this.

Wonderful! Thank you.

I accept PayPal.

I once knew a clown from Colombia
his stage name was Buster the Bumbia (god… what rhymes with Colombia?)
he jumped onto stage
and was such a big rage
that everyone said he went out with a bang
Sorry… I really am… that was terrible.