Clowns for Jesus

I’m sure they are lovely people who only mean to do good but, this seems a bit creepy to me…the eye makeup in particular…

Thanks in advance for the nightmare I’ll be having tonight!!

Great. Cultural imperialism and clowns, all in one convenient package!


Nightmares for me tonight, too.
That is just way too creepy for words.

Balloon animals + crucifixion = does not compute!

I guess what they meant to say was a “clown” of thorns!

I had a friend who did this for a while. She took it seriously, and her makeup was not creepy. Thought-provoking, if anything. It was kinda like “Godspell”.


Sorry…I can’t resist!
Do you think they film clown porn in their spare time, as well?


Oog. Clowning should definitely be secular.

Well, in their defense, there are lots of clowns in God’s army–perhaps they just want dibs on the official uniforms?

The guy’s eyes are too creepy. Hell, the whole concept is creepy. (aren’t clown traced back to pagan rituals? Where’s Cecil when you need him?).

Makes me wonder if Jesus fits in that lil car or does he get the pie in the face?

This is one of the best websites I have ever seen, and I bookmarked it for just such an occasion:

Trust me, it totally fits the thread.

Clowns are principally descended from the commedia dell’arte who were roaming troops of actors trying to do stories and humor without having to know the local languages.

That I’m aware of there’s no link to pagan anything, though they were generally frowned upon as were all performers up until the 20th century.

Shameless Pickle Family Circus plug.

I thought that there was one more ‘k’ in that url and was expecting something completely different when I clicked on it.


I wonder if they can make me a balloon crucifix.

Ararghh! He’s dead. He’s fucking dead. He’s got those little cartoon X’s on his eyes that mean he’s dead. He’s a fucking Cartoon Zombie Jesus Clown! That’s it man, game over.

Harvey Cox, please call your office…

I was part of a similar troupe, when I was back in high school. It was a very active group at our church. In addition to programs in the church, we visited nursing homes and parks. Actually, most of the time, we weren’t actually preaching or witnessing in any way. We were having fun and passing the laugher on.

One of the Easter morning services was lead by us. It was a simplified version of Godspell. Yes, we told the story of the crucifixon in clown makeup, in the sanctuary. By removing the words, people had to actually pay attention. No sleeping in the pew and letting the words come in one ear and out the other. The congregation/audience has to actually focus.

Also, because everything has to be distilled down to actions, a whole lot of the filler stuff gets cut away. Imagine if you had to explain your beliefs in a children’s book.

I’m no longer part of that troupe, and I’ve been asking myself some serious questions about the whole religion, but I did learn some good things about communication. The first time a child runs away from you and hides behind it’s mother, you have to look at how you approach people. I had to learn a whole new body language. It was probably my first real experience at trying to envision myself as others saw me, and tailoring my behavior to what I wanted to project.