Clubhouse Games for the DS. Get it.

This is THE game we have been waiting for for our DS systems. It is like 40 different card, board, and other action (bowlilng, darts, etc…) and ALL of them (except like 3 i think) you can play ONLINE. I’ve been bowling and playing darts for a few hours online and it’s tons of fun. Darts takes some practice though. Bowling is great.

It’s got pretty much every card game you can think of (including old maid and rummy).

I’ve had no trouble find any online opponents in bowling and darts, though I haven’t tried the card games online yet. Texas Holdem is terrible on here though. You can’t raise and you can’t go all-in. I had trouble finding people to play against in Mario Kart for some reason but this game is pretty quick to get it on.

Out of 40 games ranging from medocre to fantastic you WILL find at least 6 or 7 that you will love, which makes the game well worth the money. And the online is done just right with quick load times and fairly quick to find players.

The only thing I don’t like is that you must have a friend code in order to pictochat during the game, otherwise you can only use the canned comments. It also sucks because I had a good game going with 4 other people who all played smartly and were nice, but I can’t get their friend codes via the cartridge, you must get them offline (to protect kids I’m sure).

Anyway, if you have this game or you end up getting it put your friend code in this thread so we can try to pictochat and play some games.

My friend code is

4081 0267 2061

Here’s a link to the game if you want to check it out Here at Amazon a guy lists all the games in the package.

I was thinking about picking it up last night based on what I’d heard, but balked when I saw that it was full price ($34.99). I could justify it if, like Brain Age and Big Brain, it was $19.99, but full price is just too much for simple “Windows” games for the DS.

Ditto what VC03 said – I could see a $20 or $25 price tag, but $35 is a tad steep IMO. I think I’ll wait for a price drop first.

I wish it wasn’t so ubiquitous in its use of the touch screen - it’s pretty awkward for some of the games. A couple of the games (hearts and spades in particular) seem to just play really slow, especially compared to other basic versions of them out there (i.e. the window versions). It’s still pretty fun, though.

My friend code is 4209 8776 6923, but I probably won’t be online with it all that much.