Clue (Movie) Question (spoilers)

I watched Clue (again) this weekend and something occured to me.

Since the movie is quite old, I’m sure anyone who wants to see it has so I’m not going to box any spoilers, but if you havn’t seen it don’t read any further and go watch it right away.

In the scene where they turn off the lights, the following is heard. A thump, a groan, a gun shot and then a scream.

It is eventually revealed (in the third and “true” ending) that the gun shot was Professor Plum trying to shoot Mr. Body. I assume the scream was merely a reaction to the shot.

But what were the thump and the moan? Did someone use one of the blunt insturment weapons to try to kill Mr. Body? Did Mr. Green bump something and hurt himself? This question is never brought up in the movie so there probably isn’t a cannon answer, but I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts.

Those sounds were just red herrings.


Just like Communism!

Third and true ending? I didn’t exactly get the feeling that any of them was supposed to be “true”.

The print used for home video and television broadcasting has, at the start of the third ending, a title card saying “But here’s what really happened”.

One of the ladies, I forget which, hit someone woth a candlestick.

There’s also a photo-book with a fourth ending. Wadsworth commits all the murders because he’s been driven all his life to attain perfection. When his wife killed herself he realized he couldn’t be perfect so he resolved at least to commit the perfect murder. He reveals that all the guests have drunk poisoned champagne and is about to leave when the cops burst in. He breaks away from the cops, runs outside and is mauled to death by police dogs.
It’s pretty bad.

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One plus two plus one plus two…

It’s “one plus two plus one plus one.”

Or is it “one plus one plus two plus one”?

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I! Am! Your Singing Telegram!

Oh dear, is this thread going to devolve into a “quote your favorite lines” thread?

All righty then!

“He had threatened to kill me in public.”
“Why would he want to kill you in public?”
“I think she meant he had threatened, in public, to kill her.”

“But your first husband also disappeared!”
“That was his job, he was an illusionist.”
“But he never re-appeared!”
“Well he wasn’t a very good illusionist.”

“How many husbands have you had?”
“Mine or other womens’?”
“Just yours.”
“Yes, just the five. Husbands should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable.”
“You lure men to their deaths like a spider with flies!”
“Flies are where men are their most vulnerable.”

And one I love but always have trouble quoting completely correctly from memory: “I hated her so much…flames, flaming, flames on the sides of my face, breaths, breathless, heaving breaths…”

Yeah, but I think that was just humor. As in, they did one ending. Then another. Then slapped on a third with the tonmgue in cheek, “But here’s what really happened…”
Actually, I rather liked this flick. Curry was slick as always and despire the oddity of a board-game based movie, the setting and style were rather amusing.

I’ve always liked it, too.

People need to remember, though, that when originally released they (for some reason in a mystery movie) had three seperate endings.

That meant that, for one, nobody could actually figure things out. The clues couldn’t actually work since we’re looking at multiple possiblities.

So, really, of the three endings there was no “real” ending. The title cards were just added so that all three endings could be put into the VHS and DVD releases.


I always thought that one or more of the “thumps” were people dropping the heavier weapons, like the lead pipe and candlestick, so that they wouldn’t be implicated when Mr. Boddy (presumably) turned up dead when the lights came back on. Been a while since I’ve seen the movie, though.

Wadsworth: “I’m merely a humble butler.”

Col. Mustard: “What exactly do you do?”

Wadsworth: “I buttle, sir.”

The sounds could be taken as someone hitting Mr. Boddy in the head with a blunt weapon. He get hit (thud), it hurts (groan), someone shoots and misses (bang), scared woman screams (scream). When it’s revealed that Mr. Boddy was nicked in the ear, the head bashing doesn’t quite fit. That’s some impressive timing to be hit in the head and shot before he fell to the floor.

But that’s just one way it could’ve happened. :slight_smile:

“I’m a plant.”

“I thought men like you were usually called fruits.”

“Very funny.”

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I have a question about that same scene, but it can be chalked up to the editors not finding a flaw that is caught later by fans.

Mr Boddy turns out the lights and it’s pitch black.
But isn’t there a crackling fire burning in the fireplace that would have, at least, provided a small amount of illumination?

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