When I go to CNN’s money site, on the right hand side there is a listing of the last 10 stocks that I have gotten a quote for. Well, actually, it is the last NINE stocks since CISCO is always one of the stocks. I have never gotten a quote for CISCO. This is true on my machine at home and at work. Also I mentioned it to one of the guys who works for me and he sees it too.

If you go out to that site, is CISCO in your list? Does anyone know if there is a relationship between CNN and CISCO? (It seems as simple as maybe CISCO pays to be prominent in the list, but I’m wondering if anyone KNOWS of such a thing.)

I have never gotten a quote from CNN that I know of, and I can confirm that CISCO is in my Last 10 list.

Weird. Thanks for the response. I guess in the end this doesn’t change the quality of my life, but I do find it an odd little mystery.

Very strange. Mine also has CSCO as a stock listed under the last ten quotes. I’m sure I’ve never gotten a quote from CNN.

CSCO did release earnings last night and I’m sure it may well have been the most searched for quote yesterday.

Seconded. I think that’s exactly what it is.

I’ve noticed this pattern for months, so I am not as sure as you and LOUNE are.