need an editor?

AAAAUGH! This is my mundane rant for today:


Bonds loose ground on Fed’s boost

It’s lose, okay? L-O-S-E! Not loose! Bonds cannot ‘loose’ ground!!! I will be happy to leave my stressful underpaying job to edit your stupid website for spelling errors, OK??? :mad:

You should do a search, this same typo came up not to long ago re: the BBC (or possibly Reuters).

Of course, I’m surprised that people listen to CNN for anything, especially cheerleading in the stock market, but that’s just me.

I do agree though that it is maddening. One thing that I’ve seen more comonly is adding 's when an s is all that’s required to make something plural. Fucking drives me nuts.

Bonus, find the typo in this post.

Bolding mine:

comonly = commonly

Now, where’s my cookie? :smiley:

CNN regularly makes a shit-load of typos in their stories, though it’s funny that their title would have one, too. Doesn’t surprise me, though. Have you read some of their titles? And some of the stories they deem national news? Some of the titles are just plain stupid and strike me as completely un-newsworthy. And can somebody tell me how many stories of conjoined twins they can put up there? I’m losing count. And I hate to sound even more callous and uncaring, but I really don’t care if President Arroyo from the Phillipines is tired of men trying to kiss her, and somehow that doesn’t strike me as national news. Maybe I’m a big bitch or just don’t understand the media, I dunno.

Oh, holy fuck. There are actually two.

I feel like such a jackass…

Where’s my cookie? :smiley:

You should do a search**. This same typo came up not too** long ago re: the BBC (or possibly Reuters).

Does a run-on sentence merit a cookie?

Technically, that’s a comma splice, not a run-on sentence.

Oh, Christ. Unfortunately, no cookies for anyone, but I do promise I’ll take you all out to dinner once I get to be an editor at