CNN Headline News (mild)

I’ve come to expect (but not necessarily accept) the fact that your stories lack depth and detail (except in entertainment reporting). That’s why you’re called “Headline” News. While I understand that you must lean more toward “entertainment” than news, I care more about what the UN is doing than about the new tatoo on Mike Tyson’s face.

I’ve even grudgingly accepted that you report as gospel anything the government says, and present Public Relations releases from corporate interests as fact. I’ve even tolerated your lengthy commercial segments about “gift ideas” and “exciting new products” within the broadcast around the holidays, even though it makes you look more like QVC than a news program.

But the spelling errors and typos must stop!

Hey, I’m a piss-poor speller myself. It’s no shame. However, when I’m writing for a formal purpose, I’ve been known to use a a marvelous new invention called a “dictionary” to get the correct spelling of a word. I know, I know . . . books are cumbersome, and may cause you to get odd looks from your co-workers if they see you holding one, but you can also try using “Spell Check” on your PC. You see, your ticker is seen by millions of people, and sometimes, people can be irritated when they see glaring errors. It just looks sloppy.

A few of tips: “Penniless” is not spelled with a “Y” and an apostrophe and an “S” does not make a word a plural. Use “An” before a word which begins with a vowel, instead of “A.” Honestly, I learned all of these things before I reached high school, and I suspect that one needs a degree in journalism to work at your station.

It might be nice to proof-read your work before broadcast.
A few times, the ticker is nearly incomprehensible. Perhaps you could show your wording to someone else. If it doesn’t make sense to a co-worker, most likely, it won’t make sense to the public, either.

Your network is doing a little better recently, but I’ve noticed a distressing amount of “goofs” when it comes to cueing audio and video. I’ve seen high school journalism class broadcasts do better.

One last thing . . . I really don’t give a good goddam what “John in Peoria” thinks about the current situation in Iraq. What purpose does it serve to have America e-mail their opinions on current situations to you to be read on the air? I don’t think your show needs an editorial from Average Joe.

But they got hot chicks readin’ the news! Come on!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

With the 24 hour news cycle and three American news networks trying to scoop each other on breaking news, CNN Headline News is kind of pointless now. The ticker seems an attempt to imitate Bloomberg’s financial ticker, even though HN doesn’t go into enough depth or have enough real news to bother trying to fill the screen.

I’ve noticed the pathetic spelling and grammar also, not to mention the stupid jokes and bad puns they use for titles. Maybe they should try copying the headline writing style of Variety to punch up (or cover up) the writing.

Just don’t mess with the news bunnies!

During coverage of the Columia disaster, the streamer informed us, briefly, that the shuttle was travelling at roughly ‘mock 14’.

Still, that Rudi Bakhtiar isn’t too hard on the eyes…

During coverage of the Columbia disaster, the streamer informed us, briefly, that the shuttle was travelling at roughly ‘mock 14’.

Still, that Rudi Bakhtiar isn’t too hard on the eyes…

(Ironically, I almost submitted this with several spelling errors.)


Even better - not sure where I have it (other computer I think) but CNN put out a strap saying the shuttle was travelling at “x times the speed of light.”

But in fairness, an understandable mistake to make, given the pressure they would be under with breaking news like that. And “speed of light” is more frequently used, catchy phrase than “speed of sound.”

Anyway I’m in a forgiving mood because I once wrote “300 million tonnes of gold” in a story instead of 300 tonnes. AFAIK, there aren’t even 300 million tonnes in the whole world. :wink:

Guadere is a Harsh Mistresss, Brutus m’lad. Her Law will hunt down even the most cautious Spelling Nazis.

Heh. I would much rather prefer spelling errors to something like “forgetting” to include 750 rather significant words in a transcript of a very recent and very important speech!

CNN is a bit pathetic nowadays.

I am not sure what irritates me more about CNN, the way they make diasters duller than ditch water or the way they go in-depth with Techie toys and Celebrity Crap. Please, don’t pander to the Gen X crowd, it irritates the rest of the demographic who don’t play games or care about the music/movie scene.


The way FOXNEWS has a FOXNEWS ALERT ** about every six microseconds. Every time this occurs, my brain thinks: Holy crap, we’ve been attacked again…where, when and those dirty bastards… and it is a cough news alert for some ratings whoring story like " Scott Peterson’s truck has been impounded."

This is a news ALERT how?

That and the fact that they bang the war drums constantly that I think they should go over and fight Saddam. Bill O’Reilly should lead the fight.

Fair and Balanced, puhleeeze.
(Shep smith, OTOH, is a hottie. And their reporters do seem to have more personality that the other networks reporter-droids.)


I think a great user name would be **Mock Juan **

In regards to the transcript, following is a quote of the passages that immediately precede and follow the missing section, as it reads in the cached Google site on the TBTM site:

(Italics mine)

A couple of points:

  1. It doesn’t read well, i.e., paragraph 2 doesn’t follow from para. 1. The two paragraphs obviously have no relation to each other, which means that it is also obvious that something is wrong with the transcript. Had CNN been deliberately editing out remarks (as is questioned by the TBTM site), they could have done a far, far better job in making it less noticable.

  2. They didn’t even remove the actual “smoking gun” statement, which is the portion that is italicized above. Duh!

What you’re looking at is a mistake that is being blown into a controversy by people whose careers depend upon them doing stuff like this*.

Try again. :wink:

*This is not a criticism of the fine folks at TBTM, just an observation of how the world works. This is what they do, and it is not inconceivable that they would err on the side of their beliefs.