Headline typos

Update: Palestinian Leaders Plead For Clam On Streets Of Gaza

Israel shouldn’t be so shellfish.

Yeah, that’s not kosher.

It’s not a headline but I firmly believe that this is one of the best typos ever. It’s even better that it’s a wire service and most major news organizations picked it up.

A simple slip of the fingers and a dull story about a beef recall becomes something about meaty, edible undergarments…

This blog is one of my favorites. It named the Reuters typo its typo of the year in 2005. This past year’s was another Reuters report that used “Queen Elizabeth” instead of “the queen” in a story about bees (my guess is an automatic replacement macro in Word).

Ah, if only the solution to war was as simple as a good old fishing trip.

Not a typo, but one of my favorite headlines ever was when Bartolo Colon was still pitching for the White Sox. The ChiSox beat the snot outta my Tigers and the headline on the sports section was “Whiffs of Colon KO Tigers”.

I love that one.

Google News always has typos… somewhere in its “report a problem” section (I was bored once… and I hate typos) they mention that they don’t control the wording of the title. Well why not take one of the 3,000 other articles you link to on the topic that are not full of typos?

My local newspaper, about three weeks after 9/11, on a story about Islam:

Muslims Prey on Friday


Funniest one I ever saw was in a book called The Bumper Book of Boobs, which turned out not to be about female breasts at all*.

The relevant headline was about a rugby team, the name of which I forget, so I’ll put a line there:

_____________ Forgets How to Ruck

The funny part was that the last word in the headline was mistyped – it began with an “F”

*It was a collection of humorous typos (“boobs”) from British Newspapers. The book predated the Columbia Journalism Review’s collections Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim and Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge, and LOoooong predates Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” routine and books.

Just so’s you’re clear – what I typed above is the way the headline was supposed to read. It took me quite a while to figure that out (nobody uses “ruck” in the US, outside of rugby players )
The line as printed had an “F” in it.
I’m amazed they never caught that one. Or else someone really hated the team.

Hey! I found the source:


They ate Jack Webb? The bastards! [I thought a guy who played a TV cop would count as pork…]

My favorite is “Rumsfeld’s Pubic Role Shrinking.”

Africa snubbed for Africa leadership because of Darfur

My favorite, from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, back when Tommy Thompson was our governor:

Thompson’s pen is a sword

Only the kerning between the second and third words was a little tight . . .

Warden says inmate felt now pain
Also When pain:

Today seems a good day for these things.

It wasn’t a typo as such, but this seems an ideal opportunity to recall the famous WW2 headline about the campaign in North Africa:

Eighth Army Push Bottles Up Germans


Maybe the editor was as drunk as the team was after the game. The team musta been pretty hammered, to forget how to …err… ruck.

The headline to this article is:

“Home-Business Application Stirs Tensions in Manassas”

with sub-headline: “Gay Masseur, Some Residents at Odds”

For Dopers outside of the Washington, DC (USA) area, Manassas is a town in the outer Virginia suburbs of DC.

The original headline of this article on the Washington Post’s web site was “Gay Masseur Divides Manassas” :eek:

The Post claimed it was a typo :dubious: and changed the headline.