CNN: Bush would lose an election if held this year



Did you ever hear the saying “You get what you deserve”? 51% of the voting public went for this guy last year, and now, after five years, they’re finally having buyer’s remorse? My God, you knew what you were getting in 2005. They had to. And now, only now when it’s too late, do they come to their senses?

My head hurts. :smack:

Hey the Dem’s made it tough. I voted for Kerry but I really don’t like him. I thought there were a dozen more acceptable candidates.
IMHO: The other major deadly point for Kerry was that there was a successful grassroots campaign that spread the word that President Kerry = Legalized Gay Marriage. This brought out a huge number of people who typically don’t vote religiously and swung a few states.

Meh. 55% say they would vote for the Democratic candidate - as long as he’s a nice, pleasant imaginary candidate. However, when faced with the ill-conceived, rudderless, visionless campaign the Democratic candidate would inevitably run there’s little doubt that Bush would win yet again.

As opposed to the clear, articulate vision that Bush had for Iraq, of course. If you want ill-conceived, how about attacking a Vietnam veteran’s potentially false medals while defending a barely-showed-up record in the National Guard? Let’s not forget how the Bush Administration opposed the Department of Homeland Security before he started taking credit for it.

Someone said it in the other thread: Democrats may be stupid, but Republicans are evil. Stupid does less damage than evil.

Yeah, but you can’t really blame this on Kerry, as he was entirely opposed to SSM. Bush’s dirty little minions would have told the same lie about any Dem candidate. I suppose you could criticize Kerry for not answering the charge more strongly, but I can’t really get too upset that he never made an attempt to campaign on an “I hate fags” plank quite as strongly as Bush did.


Seems to me that then voting “religiously” is why we’re in this predicament. :smack:

And the scariest fact of all: 6% of those respondents are undecided. Six percent! It amazed me last year during the heat of the elections when a certain segment of the population was still undecided. I couldn’t believe it then. How? How could you not have made up your mind yet?
Each and every day brings more news that polarizes the nation and yet you remain locked in your ivory tower with your eyes covered and your ears plugged up until CNN gives you a call? How how how can this be?
You’ve had five years to decide and two chances to do it! Is the president someone you’d vote for? Shit or get off the pot, but stop wasting my time. Six percent of you suck.

I’m not sure what to think when I hear only 55% say they wouldn’t vote for him. I mean, 55%-39% is a far convincing win than either of Bush’s, but still, it’s barely more than half.

I’ll admit it; I’m from Massachusetts, and I held my nose when I pulled the lever for him (although I didn’t have a problem with him as a Senator). Kerry spent too much campaign time in explanations over his decision to okay the war in Iraq. I think that folks would have understood if he had just said “I listened to the facts, and I believed the sources, and I got conned by this administration just like everyone else in this country.” Unfortunately, the political ego doesn’t admit to mistakes or human weakness, and as a consequence he couldn’t move off that point.

Kerry had some opportunities to make his voice heard, but I think he pulled his punches too often for those on the left. I suppose that one needs to be cautious when spending millions of dollars; one wrong speech can alienate potential donors. But honestly, I’m just sick of the Democratic Party voluntarily moving to the center . If they are elected, they’ll be dragged there by the right, but it should be kicking and screaming. That tends to put the spotlight on the center, and the nuts to the far left or right are left in the shadows.

I really liked John Edwards and thought that he was a strong VP candidate. More likable than Kerry, in my opinion. I thought that he would show stronger in the South. I’m hopeful that we hear more from him in the future.

I don’t put too much faith in a poll like this. Bush’s approval rating is significantly down, but I believe when push comes to shove roughly the same results would be had today as occured at the election. I believe that the Bush machine is able to bring out not only it’s core constituents (solid hard core repub’s), but also was able to marshall the pulpit vote to previously unseen results. All we ever heard was crap about not letting some Hollywood type speak/attempt to sway votes, but nary a word about all the ministers sermons and whispers. It truly was amazing.
Many folk are pissed off at him (including the RR) presently, and may say they’d not vote for him, but doesn’t mean they would actually vote the other way. MHO and all.

[wild-eyed radical leftie parody]

He lost the election in 2000 and lost it again in 2004, so it’s suddenly surprising that he’d lose another one today?

[/w-e r l p]

Well, not voting at all would be good. It’d help some.

I find myself enraged at this bit of news. All of the signs of the incompetence and uselessness of the Bush administration were there to read this time last year. The American public has woken up a day late and a dollar short.

Well, I was part of the undecideds in 2004, and eventually voted 3rd party.

Why? Because while I didn’t like Bush by that point, Kerry never did convince me why he should get my vote. He actually hadn’t done a good job convincing me that Bush didn’t deserve my vote either, but I figured that out for myself

Kerry’s biggest failing. He could tell me what was wrong with the other guy but I never did figure out what he planned to do differently. No plan vs. bad plan is not a choice.

All Kerry had to do is give me something, anything as a reason to vote for him. He failed. I’m not going to vote for a tree just because he’s running againest Bush.

That’s why niether Bush or Kerry got my vote in 2000.

Meh. What happens when you actually put a name in the Democratic spot? And did you read the disclaimer:

Makes a good headline, though!!

Another reason why Gore lost.


No, the scariest thing is that 39% would still vote for the half wit.

Half Wit? That giving too much credit what is the word for 10% wit. Oh, Moron.

Who will the Dem’s run and who will the Rep’s run?

I can’t guess, I can only hope for moderates.

At this point, 55% would vote for a half-eaten breakfast over George Dubya.

The half that’s been eaten, or the other half?

LOL. Touche’.